A new year offers you a fresh start to get it right and finally fit back into your skinny jeans. Yet despite your best intention to go from crisps to kale, there’s a good chance your weight loss resolution could do more harm than good.

Mistake 1: Not Quantifying

“Run more” or “lose weight” sounds awesome, but you’re honestly kidding yourself because these typical goals are not necessarily measurable. You can do better by saying ‘I want to lose 7 kilograms by increasing my workouts to four times a week”. Quantifying goals not only helps to track progress, but helps you come up with a great plan on how to achieve it.

Mistake 2: Too much too soon

Many people try to quit sugar, eat more veggies and ramp up their workout sessions all at once. The trouble is too many changes at the same time can be overwhelming, stressful and indecision can kill your progress overnight. If you commit to just a few actions per week (e.g. swap biscuit for fruit) you’ll be far more likely to stay the course than if you overcommit and try to do too much too soon.

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