Pro-Trump primary winner Katie Arrington, who upset the odds to defeat Never Trumper Mark Sanford in South Carolina, told Lou Dobbs last night that she was ready to go to “war” to propel the conservative movement.

Arrington defeated Sanford in the SC District-01 race by a margin of 51/47, a result that shocked many establishment Republicans.

“The first question anybody seemed to ask whenever we went to a door was do you support our president or do you not?” said Arrington, adding, “Having someone in Washington that has the backbone to stand with our president was something that South Carolina wanted.”

When Dobbs asked Arrington what her advice would be to other candidates, she didn’t hold back.

“We are at war, you look at this, it is a war to ensure that our conservative agenda is maintained – we have to have the backbone to stand up for what we stump out on campaigns and say,” said Arrington, noting that the most radical thing Trump has done in Washington is to keep his promises.

Arrington took time out to thank Trump for his support both before and after the primary.

Trump tweeted his congratulations after Arrington’s victory, making sure to point out that he went against his own advisors by backing her despite expectations that she would come off second best.


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