More than half of Americans, or 58 percent, say repealing the Affordable Care Act is important to health care reform, according to a poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Americans were asked what components of health care reform should be top priorities for President-elect Donald Trump and Congress. When asked about repealing Obamacare, 37 percent said it was a top priority and 21 percent said it was important for lawmakers to accomplish. Only 31 percent said repeal should not happen.

Of those Americans who want Congress to repeal the law, 28 percent want lawmakers to wait to repeal until the details of the replacement plan have been announced and 20 percent want lawmakers to repeal the law immediately and work out the details of a replacement later.

“After hearing pro-repeal arguments about the law’s costs to individuals and the government, the share of the public supporting repeal grows as large as 60 percent, while anti-repeal arguments about people losing coverage and the impact on people with pre-existing conditions decreases support for repeal to as low as 27 percent,” the poll states.

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Trump Stays Course, But GOP Getting Cold Feet On Obamacare

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