A new survey conducted by Ipsos Mori has revealed some staggering insights into how the French view Islam, society and migration in general.

60% of the French believe Islam is incompatible with French society, which is incredibly high given that only 8% would say the same about Catholicism and 19% about Judaism.

A further breakdown of the figures reveals that 74% of people believe that Islam seeks to impose its will on others, as opposed to 18% of people who believed the same about Catholicism.

The French are also fed up with mass immigration it would seem, 65% feel there are too many foreign people in France, according to the poll, which is down slightly from the 70% who said the same in 2013. (We guess 4 years of mass immigration would skew the results a little bit!)

Contrary to what the hard left would have you believe, attitudes are similar across all professions, from professionals to labourers: 

The French also believe it is becoming harder to integrate migrants into French society, with 61% say that they believe immigrants do not make an effort to integrate properly into French life.

An explanatory note for the document says: “The 2017 wave of Fractures Français (report) reveals a generalised revival of confidence in the political, economic and regal institutions and a decline of the “declinist”. These positive movements do not, however, erase the pessimism which is still very marked within French society.”

Looks like Monsieur Macron still has a long way to go in restoring French confidence in their society, and the movement in attitudes suggests that papering over the cracks isn’t going to work forever…

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