Eric Limer
Sunday, September 4, 2011

As you may or may not have been aware, DARPA and other organizations have been trying to make small aircraft that are modeled on insects. The problem they ran into, however, was that these little aircraft needed something to power their wings, and the weight of a power source was prohibitive.

Did they give up? No. Instead, they gave real beetles mind control implantsthat allowed them to be remotely controlled. The problem they ran into there was that the mind control implants needed to be powered and batteries were still problematic. Of course, the next logical step researchers in Michigan took was to fit the beetles with piezoelectronics on their wings so that they power their own mind control implants through flight. Yes. This is a thing that is happening.

If you aren’t familiar, piezoelectronics allow pressure to be converted into electricity. Remember those light-up shoes? The same technology could also be used to create laptops that charge by typing, or mind controlled beetles that perpetuate their enslavement with every flap of their wings, for example.


Full story here.

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