Tabitha Brinkman

In keeping any animal as a pet you are agreeing to provide for the well-being of another living individual.  It is a responsibility.  Care involves not only providing the basic necessities of protection, housing, warmth, health care, and food, but also the giving of personal attention and companionship. In the event of an emergency evacuation please take your pets with you and your family!  During natural disasters people will leave their pets, expecting to return home with no problems after the disaster.  Domesticated animals will not survive alone.  They will die a horrible death.

Please prepare for the following:

– Contact your local American Red Cross and enroll in a Pet first aid course.

– Each animal will need their own personal disaster preparedness bag.  This bag should contain an extra leash/collar, current photo, extra I.D. tags, and immunization records.

– Each animal will need extra supplies of their prescribed medications.  You may purchase these items from an online vet supply business.

– Keep all vaccinations for the animal current.  Learn how to administer a vaccination correctly.  Include needles and syringes in your disaster kits.

– Prepare to store food and water for your pet.  Learn creative ways on how to make homemade pet food.  Start preparing these foods now in order to see what your pet enjoys eating. Your local Humane Society will assist you with a free bag of pet food if you are falling on hard times.  Store as much as you can.  Please remember that different animals have different dietary requirements.  You will need to review these requirements with your DVM.

Please start taking the time to prepare for your pet.  They are your responsibility and your family.

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