Emily Kerby

Let’s talk about Sprouting. Today we’ll talk about what you actually need to do to grow your first sprouts!

First, soak your seeds in cool water. (Usually 8-12 hours.  Follow the instructions on your seeds.)  Remember, these guys are going to get MUCH bigger, so don’t try to grow too many seeds.  You can always grow more next time.  I think I put a little more than half an inch of seeds at the bottom of my jar.

After they soak, drain them.  Rinse them in cool water, swish them around, and drain them.  (Repeat until the water is clear).

Leave the jar sitting upside down at an angle to keep draining.  Some people set the jar in a dish-drainer.  (I set my jar at an angle in a bowl.)  It’s important that the seeds drain well because if they sit in water they will just rot.

Your kitchen counter is probably a good place to leave your jar.  Don’t choose a place that gets too much light.

Rinse your sprouts at least 2-3 times per day.

Repeat for 2-3 days.  (Your actual sprouting time may vary–it will depend on the temperature, your seeds, and other things.)

On the last day, if you chose sprouts with leaves, give them some light!  Still don’t put them in direct sunlight, or you will cook them.

When they are done, put a regular lid on your jar and move your sprouts to the fridge.  Your sprouts will last a while, but you’ll need to continue to rinse them daily.

Then, eat them!

All right, readers, are you ready?  This is really easy.  If you do this, you’ll have some great food and you’ll be more prepared for knowing how to grow living food.  You can do it!  Let me know how it goes for you, okay?

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