Curriculum used in 70 per cent of schools districts in Texas labeled “mind control”

Paul Joseph Watson
February 6, 2013

6th graders are being asked to design new flags for communist countries in school districts across Texas as part of a curriculum critics have decried as “mind control” intended to make children sympathize with socialist ideals.

Creators of CSCOPE, an electronic curriculum management system used in over 70 per cent of school districts in Texas, were confronted by witnesses and members of the Senate Education Committee during a hearing last week in Austin, who complained that the material included in the program was “anti-Christian at best and openly socialist at worst.”

One lesson plan involved students being set the task of designing symbols for communist flags. The plan, “showed different countries’ flags and instructed students to “notice that socialist and communist countries use symbolism on their flags.” It went on to ask students what symbols they would use if they were to create a flag for a new socialist country.”

Senator Larry Taylor questioned whether the lesson was intended to influence children into, “sympathizing with those types of countries.”

Other lesson plans, which are included to ensure teachers, “adhere to complicated state curriculum requirements,” portrayed participants in the Boston Tea Party as terrorists while promoting pro-Islamic ideals.

“Committee Chairman Dan Patrick, R-Houston, called it “a mess.” One witness compared the system to “mind control,” and an algebra teacher wept as he described quitting because he felt he was “aiding and abetting a crime” by using CSCOPE in his classroom,” reports the Associated Press.

While children are being encouraged to explore socialist ideals, they are being punished for activities as American as mom and apple pie – such as an incident in Maryland where two 6-year-olds were suspended for pointing their fingers into gun shapes while playing “cops and robbers” with each other.

Innumerable other similar incidents over the last two months where children have been targeted for playing with toy guns, or even imaginary weapons, have begun to characterize American schools as breeding grounds for hysteria, where basic constitutional ideas like the second amendment are treated with absolute disdain.

Over the years, there have also been several incidents of children being suspended for “patriotic” drawings, such as pictures of a US Marine firing a weapon.

A 7-year-old boy attending a Madison City School was suspended in December for drawing images of guns and having an “extensive knowledge of firearms.” The boy’s father is a firearms instructor.

A student in Florence, Arizona was also suspended recently for having a picture of a gun as his desktop screensaver.

As Mac Slavo points out, “Fundamental bedrock American principles protected under the US Constitution, such as the right to bear arms, are vilified by our government sponsored education system. Yet, promoting Communism, a system responsible for the democide of hundreds of millions of people over the last century (ironically, by way of the gun) is perfectly acceptable.”


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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