October 3, 2012

Paul Joseph Watson is joined by Jon Scobie of We Are Change Birmingham to discuss the recent BBC hit piece in which Jon was a participant – 7/7 Bombings: Conspiracy Road Trip. Precisely as we predicted in an interview recorded months ago, the show was a brazen exercise in smear, emotional manipulation and strawman tactics.

Jon reveals how the directors were trying to tell the participants what to say as the program set about attempting to make “conspiracy theorists” recant their questions about 7/7. Key evidence about 7/7 and false flag in the context of historical operations like Gladio and MI5’s admitted involvement in Real IRA bombings was ignored as diversions were pushed. Admitted prior knowledge of 7/7 such as the warning received on that very morning by Bibi Netanyahu, who was due to attend a conference in a hotel situated directly above where one of the blasts took place, was ignored.

The program ended up looking like more of a reality show than a genuine investigation, as two of the participants were prodded into bickering in an effort to make anyone who questions 7/7 look crazy, ill-informed, or insensitive to the victims.

Recall that the previous BBC 7/7 hit piece documentary was subject to an independent academic study which found the “conspiracy” documentary 7/7 Ripple Effect to be more credible in comparison.

Watch the original BBC documentary via this link:

Watch our previous interview in which we predicted virtually every tactic the directors of the show would employ at

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