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Monday, January 11, 2010

85 Year Old Woman Terrorized By Airport Security Thugs 110110top

An 85-year-old woman who was terrorized by airport security thugs at Ottawa Airport yesterday got little sympathy from Canadian transport minister John Baird, who refused to apologize, warning that disabled grandmas will continue to be treated as possible Al-Qaeda suicide bombers.

“Baird was asked by media Sunday about the treatment of the four-foot-10, 90-pound woman who was travelling from Ottawa to Toronto on Dec. 28. The woman was asked to remove her boots and then unzip her pants. A female inspection officer then poked at her abdomen,” reports the Montreal Gazette.

These are the same thugs who will be sitting in back rooms enjoying high resolution naked images of your children once full body scanners are rolled out nationwide.

The woman’s niece, Cynthia Sutcliffe, said that the former federal public servant is now “terrified” of airport security and that the search was “extreme.”

Baird’s reaction was a striking reminder of the fact that even if there were hoards of terrorists itching to blow themselves up, as western governments constantly claim, our illustrious airport security officials have been told to specifically target geriatric pensioners with incontinence bags and people in wheelchairs.

“The reality is, as we’ve seen in Iraq, the al-Qaida network has put explosive devices on developmentally disabled adults and then sent them into marketplaces where their bombs were detonated,” Baird said on the Sunday TV show Question Period. “Obviously we have to deal with every concern. I think we should use common sense.”

Apparently, Baird thinks it was an act of “common sense” for airport gestapo to single out the old woman for extra screening even after they were told that her protruding stomach was a result of her suffering from osteoporosis. He also seemingly sees logic in making a connection between the activities of Middle Eastern insurgents and your grandma’s vacation.

“I want them to catch the bad guys, don’t kid yourself,” said Sutcliffe. “But if it’s your grandmother or grandfather who is going to be wearing those undergarments for personal incontinence and things, and then they start saying, ‘Well the guy that blew up the plane had the stuff in his underwear,’ where do we stop?”


The elderly and disabled have become a prime target of stifling security in airports precisely for the same reasons we outlined as to why naked full body scanners were being introduced. The sickos crafting the screening policies want to test the limits of what kind of humiliation and indignity we are willing to endure.

Because the measures are so alien to any form of common sense or decency, they have to hire semi-retarded morons who have no intelligence or original thought processes of their own to carry them out. The kind of people who would struggle to cope with the cognitive demands of flipping a piece of meat at Burger King and are only good at following basic orders, which in this instance are to harass the very people who are least likely to be a threat.

A sterling example of their work unfolded at Bakersfield airport in California recently, when TSA agents shut down the entire airport after claiming they had found liquid explosives in what turned out to be five jars of honey. TSA agents even complained of smelling a “strong chemical odor” after they opened the bottles and were taken to hospital!

According to Reuters, “Kern County Sheriffs deputies, fire crews, FBI agents and members of a joint terrorism task force responded to the scene and spent the day questioning (Francisco) Ramirez before further tests showed that the liquid was honey.”

“Apparently, TSA employees are so unbelievably retarded that they don’t even know what honey smells like or looks like,” writes Mike Adams. “When they smell honey, they mistakenly believe they’re under a chemical attack! And then they engage in all sorts of theater by acting like they’re experiencing nausea so that they can be carted off to the hospital and take the rest of the work day off.”

“The TSA can’t catch actual terrorists, but it’s really good at flagging innocent people as terrorists and wasting thousands of hours of time (and millions of dollars for the airlines) declaring bogus terrorists emergencies that only serve to inconvenience everyone.”

That’s correct, the same people who think honey is a deadly explosive weapon will be trusted to act with the utmost professionalism when they are ogling naked images of your daughter and laughing at grandma’s pee bag while you wait in line to be naked body scanned next.

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