In the wake of the recent incidents in Charlottesville, where the whole right wing spectrum has taken a gigantic hit in credibility and sympathy due to the actions of a single Nazi-affiliated wacko, I think now is a good time to re-assess where we stand in relation to the more extreme factions on our political corner.

To put it out in the open, the masculine right should have NO sympathy or comradeship with old Nazism or it’s featherweight modern interpretations whatsoever. Spot it, shun it, or walk away in a 90-180 degree direction. Here are nine brief reasons why, and feel free to add more.

1. A forever browbeaten Germany

Cuck Country

Nazism and it’s legacy has thoroughly browbeaten and humiliated what should be the proud people of Germany. A country which has been responsible for a sizable percentage of all the world’s technological and scientific advancements for several hundred years (starting with the monumental Gutenberg press in 1440), saw most of it’s gorgeous and irreplaceable cities turned to rubble in World War II, and it’s people have had to endure over 70 years of agonizing Third Reich references and their related put-downs.

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