1) Senior Citizen Saves Cyber Cafe

In 2012, Samuel Williams, a patron at the Palms Internet cafe in Arkansas, drove off two would-be robbers with his .380 pistol.

One of the masked bandits appeared to be carrying a handgun, while the other had a baseball bat.

I guess no one ever told him you shouldn’t bring a bat to a gun fight.

2) Barber Protects Friends, Coworkers From Attempted Robbery

Terrance Duncan protected both his coworkers and clientele from an attempted armed robbery at an Ohio beauty shop in 2012.

When Duncan noticed a masked man threatening customers at the front of the shop, the barber dropped his clippers and grabbed his gun. Duncan aimed at the masked robber and forced him out: “I said politely, ‘OK. You might want to take off now.’”

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