The anti-science left wants you to believe a “fetus” is just a clump of cells, not a living human being, despite all the evidence to the contrary (see WATCH: New, Incredible Scientific Footage Confirms EXACTLY When Life Begins and OPINION: History Will Remember David Daleiden as a Hero…). So when an aborted fetus is found still breathing, as it was in Arizona, you get a nonchalant news report like this…

In the 911 calls, a clinic worker told the dispatcher a fetus that was removed had vital signs.

“There was a termination that was performed,” the worker said. “There is a fetus that is breathing right now, so we need someone to do services.”

The 911 operator asks if the fetus has been harmed in any way.

has the aborted fetus been harmed in any way? You mean other than being removed from its mother’s uterus with sharp objects and forceps? Thanks for asking, Sherlock.

The worker answered no, and said the fetus needed further help other than what the clinic could provide.

“The fetus is breathing so we need care for it now,” said the caller. “We can’t provide that care except for oxygen and we’re trying to keep the fetus stable until someone arrives.”

Federal law states that a clinic has to provide medical care to a baby who survives an abortion

Yes, because if it survives an abortion…IT’S A BABY! Which says nothing of the fact that it was a living creature before, when it was IN THE WOMB, where it should have remained until it was ready to come out. In science this is better known as BIRTH.

Whoa. All caps. Guess I got on my soapbox just a little bit. Not sorry.

The pro-abortion movement disgusts me. It’s not enough to for them to be pro-abortion. They have it so that others have so little regard for life, they read a news report like this without thinking twice about it. A baby was forcibly removed from its mother’s womb with the intention of its death. Legally. The “mother” wanted this baby legally murdered. The abortion clinic, for whatever reason, wasn’t able to kill the child successfully. Had to call 911 to save the child from the murder they failed to complete.


Amidst all these tactics, pro-abortion monsters have the gall to call pro-life people “uncaring” because they claim we only care about the child before it’s born. Let’s talk about that. Now the baby is out of the womb: who’s taking care of it? Because I’m not really keen on this “mother” who wanted it terminated, taking it home. You know, what with her wanting to pitch it in the trash. How’s that for caring? Am I doing it right?

Speaking of saving babies from dumpsters, countless American couples are waiting to adopt children every year. They’re having to import children from other countries, the need is so great. So this mother could’ve skipped the whole abortion part of this and just delivered the child into the arms of one of the hundreds of thousands of couples are waiting to adopt children every year. There are 36 couples hoping to adopt per one available baby. So there goes the myth of “Abortion only kills unwanted children.”


Of course offering the baby for adoption would’ve meant the woman had to cope with her feelings of endearment for the child growing inside her. Yeah, best to just butcher it instead. That’s way easier than placing it in the arms of a couple who will care for it.

Okay, so I got on my soapbox and used shameless sarcasm. My bad. This issue just gets me. Babies are people. They deserve life. They deserve love. Not laws which allow for their murder.

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