October 19, 2010

[Updated Below: After 2 days of silence the police have finally responded. They say he had a knife and “ignored” their commands to drop it, implying, it seems, that therefor inherently justifies the shooting. See my response below.]

Police show up to help after your mother was just stabbed by an assailant. You approach them in a tizzy, instead of them helping you, they shoot you multiple times and claim you refused to drop some “shiny object.”

WBTV reports:

It happened at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday in the 4500 block of Brandie Glen Road in north Charlotte.

CMPD officers responded to a call for service in reference to a person stabbed. The victim, a woman, told officers her attacker might still be in the area.

While police were looking for the suspect, two people approached them. Officers saw that one person had a shiny object in his hand, and the officers told the person to drop the object.

According to police, the person kept approaching and did not drop the object, so police fired, hitting him several times.

Then, officers learned the person who was shot by the officer is the son of the woman who was stabbed, and was not part of the earlier assault.


Left out from this report is that this “shiny object” was reportedly never found. (See below)

The Charlotte Observer reports:

“That child posed no threat to nobody. He was not a problem child.” […]

“They keep saying he had a shiny object,” [her neighbor] said. “Well, they found no shiny object and they haven’t been able to find one.”

Here is some more articles, all within the last few months, detailing the apparently incredible danger of calling 911:

Woman Calls 911 For Help After Car Crash, Cop Helps By Smashing Her Head Into A Wall

Mother Calls 911 For Help, Cop Helps By Killing Her Unarmed Son & His Dog

Family Gets Robbed, Calls Cops For Help — Cops “Help” By Beating Them Up and Killing Their Dog

Family calls police to help their devoted father of three who was suicidal because he couldn’t find work – Police respond by killing him instead

What the hell is happening to our country?

UPDATE: After 2 days of silence the police have finally responded. They say he had a knife and “ignored” their commands to drop it, implying, it seems, that therefor inherently justifies the shooting.

“As Officer Wilson walked toward Ms. Streater’s home, his attention was drawn to two subjects, one of which appeared very agitated walking toward him and holding a knife,” said Fey. […]

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Police say Officer Wilson told Green several times to drop the knife, but that Green ignored Wilson’s commands and kept walking toward the officer. Wilson feared for his life, Fey said, and fired his service pistol.

Here’s why that’s bull.

First off, did he even hear his commands? I think it’s obvious if he had any idea his “protector” was about to unload on him, he would have dropped the knife in a jiffy.

Second, the 15-yr-old’s mother was just stabbed, obviously he needed some sort of weapon to protect himself, god forbid if he had a gun.

Third, this idea he refused to drop it or supposedly ignored him, to stab someone with a knife you have to be right next to them, freaking out over someone holding a knife at a distance and shooting them before they actually violently move at you is obviously the actions of the exact type of person you do not want on a police force.

Police’s entire job is to protect the public, not be paranoid trigger happy cowards who freak out and shoot people who are in no way a threat just to protect themselves. Despite all the rhetoric that police are our saviors, the fact remains police say they have literally no obligation to save people, it’s been upheld endlessly in court, they don’t need to follow any quasi “good pedestrian laws” nor even lift a finger. Everything they do is entirely at their own discretion. With that being the legal precedent, they had better calm down before they start shooting up the victims of crimes, which as you can see in the above linked articles they do constantly.

The problem is they’re acting to protect themselves and not to protect the citizens. Is policing a dangerous job? Absolutely, that’s why only non-cowards should be doing it, people who actually want and can handle the responsibility. Unfortunately, because it’s obviously some government run “service,” we get, as a rule, the opposite. Cowardly tax feeders who couldn’t care less about the public but want an easy paycheck and the thrill of shooting someone. There is little to no accountability as police are not at all liable for their actions, any disputes they have to face in court are completely subsidized by the taxpayers, in New York it just came out that just their malfeasance cost the taxpayers of NYC $1Billion dollars over the past decade. If the Millionaire Cop Next Door actually had to take on some of the liability of their actions, chances are they’d be a lot more careful who they unload on.

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Are we really getting the level of service we’re paying for? Of course not, government services are a monopoly, so it’s inevitable that over time the level of service will go down and the price will go up. That’s what we’re seeing now with the record cases of police abuse, and yet at the same time the costs are higher than ever (at least pre-recession). The entire incentive structure is skewed to put government, and especially police, in the position of rulers rather than servants. Hence they care more about their own safety than the safety of the people they’re supposed to protect.

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