Wells Bennett and Raffaela Wakeman
February 14, 2013

So how will you ring in this Hallmark Holiday?  Lawfare recommends a bouquet of long-stem, CCTV-broadcasted, almost-live hearings from Guantanamo, in the military commission case of United States v. Mohammed et. al.  What better way to say, “I love you?”

Today’s proceeding—the last of a four-day session (here’s coverage from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday—will get underway at 9:00 a.m.  Your correspondents will follow along, post updates in our Events Coverage section, and add in links to those updates below.

2/14 Hearing #1: A Complaint from Bin Attash About Attorney-Client Material

2/14 Hearing #2: All The Convening Authority’s Men (and Women)

2/14 Hearing #3: Valentines Exchanged Between Defense Counsel and Convening Authority

2/14 Hearing #4: Photos of Mecca, Book Quotas, and Metal Pens in Book Bindings

2/14 Hearing #5: Stamps, Mostly

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