August 3, 2008

(Jennifer Eagan, NECN: Worcester, MA) – Talking against the advice of his lawyer twenty six year old Jason Robo says his alleged actions on board an airplane at Logan Airport have been blown way out of proportion.

Robo a Worcester native…has been charged with interfering with aircraft operation and disorderly conduct.

He allegedly left a politically charged message on a sticker inside a Delta plane’s bathroom.

According to the Suffolk County district attorney’s office…after Robo left the bathroom a flight attendant went in.

She found an adhesive address label that read 9/11 was an inside job!

After he was seen running off the flight before takeoff he was found by State Police and
upon being taken into custody, made statements indicating that the stickers were “a joke.”

Robo wouldn’t comment on the stickers…but says he is a 9/11 truth activist.

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