My building shook as American Airlines Flight 11 impacts the north side of the North Tower (1 World Trade Center) of the WTC between the 94th and 98th floors.

American Airlines Flight 11 was flying at a speed of 490 miles per hour.

I am still haunted by the spectre of the twin towers every time I see the NYC skyline.

I have been using artwork as a catharsis to process the event ever since witnessing the attack.

I create artwork that challenges the authorized scripture of 9-11.

My hope is that my imagery exposes people to new ideas and evidence.

My illustration “Questions”, originally commissioned by the Village Voice is now part of the permanent collection of the September 11th Memorial and Museum in NYC.

I have been attacked for daring to challenge the discredited official narrative that was scripted by the same people who lied us into war with Iraq and told us no one was spying on us.

I can only go where logic and conscience takes me. It is a curious world where the term “Truther” is used as a pejorative.

Isn’t the opposite of a truther a liar?

I met Governor Jessie Ventura recently and he said that 9-11 Truth ruined his life. I have to agree with the governor.

I’m not in this for fun or profit, and promoting a disturbing and unpopular truth is not an easy path to take.

I volunteer most of my services and work for free for many alt media outlets.

I was an eye witness to the horrors of that day and yet the truths revealed to me after the event are the stuff of my nightmares.

I resisted embracing the term truther for many years, because I hate to be labeled and pre-judged.

The truth does not bring comfort, it brings pain. This is why most people prefer lies.

To my detractors, I do not hate you. I have only tried to help you understand the world you live in on a deeper and more historically accurate level.

My only regret is that my work and talents have not been adequate.

I am a failure, yet I must proceed.

To my supporters, you can acquire a print of “Questions” here:

A portion of proceeds to go to Veterans for Peace.

Lee Ann McAdoo interviews me about the story here:

Thank you.

Anthony Freda

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