Travis Crank
September 17, 2010

Miss Kansas welcomes 9/11 truth.

I was joined by a number of activist friends from in and around the City of Wichita in the week leading up to the 9th anniversary of September 11th, to make produce our human billboards, burn DVD’s, print cards, professional labels and review our plan of attack. We would be attending the Kansas State Fair and distributing hundreds of pieces of alternative media including AE911: Blueprint for Truth, Loose Change 2nd Edition, AE911 pamphlets, vertical information cards and more.

Too many Americans now seem all too willing to forget, to allow the events surrounding 9/11 to fall down the memory hole and just go on about their daily business after nine years. It could be said that the sedated, fluoridate public have the memory and attention spans of goldfish – But there are increasing numbers of people willing to question the official story after all these years, open to the suggestion that the official story is a lie, and some more inclined to give their attention to alternative information that doesn’t come down through the mainstream media funnel. You must find these individuals.

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While we were unable to capture more than a mere fraction of our activities on this day, we’ve assembled what we did manage to record in the following short segments. I was personally in flux, at both my best and at my worst depending on who I was interacting with at the time, over the course of this beautiful day with a sunny sky and mild chemtrails. Some of the best, most representative interviews by my associates were not caught on tape – including those done by myself, but overall we were successful in what we set out to accomplish.

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In addition to collectively speaking with hundreds of people over the course of the day, we also spoke with Republican Candidate for US Senate Jerry Moran, Republican candidate for the 4th District Congressional Seat Mike Pompeo, Reform Party Candidate for Kansas Governor Ken Cannon, and a number of military, Kansas Army National Guard, plain-clothes police (yes, you’re still easy to spot), and several Kansas State Troopers.

See all the photos at the We Are Change Wichita website.

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