September 9, 2008

A We Are Change Ohio heckler interrupted McCain’s RNC speech announcing Sarah Palin as his VP runing-mate before security removed him.

A We Are Change Ohio heckler was removed from McCain’s speech announcing Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate at the RNC. Activist Sam Logulo charged McCain with contributing to the 9/11 cover-up before angry crowd members mindlessly chanted “USA” over the interjections– just as they did during McCain’s primary address to anti-war protesters.

Security staffers can be heard on tape identifying the man and discussing measures to remove him.

One woman is heard repeatedly instructing ordering floor security to “get him out of here” and even calls for the peaceful activist to be “handcuffed.” Logulo was removed from the speech floor shortly afterwards, accompanied by twilight-zone GOP jeers of “You don’t belong here.”

Outside, GOP sycophants and other blind supports yell down dissenters of various political causes, including Democrats and NAFTA protesters, with chants of “FOX NEWS! FOX NEWS! FOX NEWS!”

Truly a sign that two-party dictatorship is firmly entrenched and that both parties are still full of mindless supports.


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