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In light of the recent terrorist attack on the lives and Freedom of Americas
Citizens, we have come together as a Nation against the forces of
evil...behind this attack. The Nations of the world, or most of them...have
come together to stand against this kind of terror.

The Airports have closed and the F.C.C. is calling for stricter security
measures. The U.S. Government has come together in answer this
attack in what ever means necessary.

This is all good, but my questions...and Im sure the questions on every
Americans mind, How could this happen in America?

How could at the very least, 24 highjackers board U.S. Airliners...and take
over the controls on these planes, and fly them into targets as you well know

These People lived among us here in America for at least a year, and were no
doubt helped and housed by Citizens of this Nation. This means the enemy is America, it is time to identify these enemies and get them out of
America. It is time to put pressure on our elected close our
Borders. It is obvious that an open border policy has failed us. It is
equally obvious that with open borders...we invite our enemies to live among
us, and allow them to strike out at us whenever they choose to do so.

Those who live here from those Countries who hate America, must be looked
upon as a potential enemy, and a closer look into these Peoples activities
here in the warranted.

I call upon our Leaders here in America, to move with swift and deliberate
action, to locate these true haters of America living here, and to take
action to remove them from Americas soil.

The Authorities intend to toughen airport security, this is good...but it
is not enough. Razor blades can be used as weapons, and very easily hidden in
wallets, belts, purses. I say we do what needs to be done, though a little
more inconvenient to the public, will help insure a little more safety on
flights. I also call for the authorities to double their efforts in taking
the time necessary to check all passengers more thoroughly, and not be
sidetracked by anything that appears to be used to turn their attention away
from their immediate responsibility.

Companies here in America, owned and operated by those People who are from
these Nations who hate America, should be boycotted.

As for the U.S. Government role in all of this, there is proof that once
again this government had prior information that danger lurked in the
shadows...that something was in the making against America. Did they overlook
something?, it is obvious that much was overlooked in this case. As in the
Murrah bldg., prior knowledge meant nothing. Steps necessary to thwarting off
any attack on Americas freedom...were not taken. Airports were not on
heightened alert, our Military Bases in the U.S. were not on a heightened
alert, our so called intelligence seems to have not been so intelligent.
Fifty people or more involved in this atrocity right here on Americas soil,
and our "Intelligence" knew nothing. I charge that this Government and its so
called "intelligence" were to busy trying to arrest American Patriots.
I charge that this government like many before it, was to busy prying into
someone else's business, instead of doing their duty to America, and making
America a more secure America from enemies abroad.

Four hundred or more Children, are now Orphans because of this attack on
America, I urge America to rise again to this occasion and do what you feel
right in your hearts.

Americas knees have buckled, but we are not a defeated People. We are a
proud People, but pride cometh before a fall. Have we taken a fall?, yes we
have...but like the Phoenix...America will rise again!


Hey, what goes here? Has anybody heard anything about
the Federal Mafia's "most favored nation" PARTNER, China,
having transmitted any message of condolence to the
U.S. in the aftermath of this national emergency?

Boy, ain't China the best ally a free republic could
ever want?


I used to be in the Marine Corps, (once a Marine, always a Marine, right?)
Well, I talked to a friend of mine, (a Marine stationed in San Diego). He
said that they have been in training for several weeks in desert conditions,
and that he, several days ago, received his orders for a secret mission in
the mid-east area. Their base of opperations will be in Egypt. He couldn't
give any more details (security? or ignorrance?) he wouldn't say.


There is a movie on video that they are pushing on how the engineers implode
different buildings. Odd that the tower when it started down seemed to fold
in on itself in the same manner as the buildings in that video they took down
on purpose.

Might be interesting to check just what was within 1100 feet of that twin
towers installation. If those towers had fallen over the death toll would
have been up in the hundred thousand range since the building would have
bowled over those others like dominoes all lined up. each knocking down


it is illogical that they ask us to give up our liberties for security when our borders are wide open and we give up military secrets to china. we are a nation born of war fighting for freedom - not tyranny.why would any man fight an enemy to secure the loss of his freedom?sounds like twisted liberal thought.



For years, I have been amazed by the airlines lackadaisical attitude about
hijackings. And the Air Line Pilots Association, too. There's absolutely no
excuse for hijackings.

Please pass this recommendation on to your readers and see if we can't
convince the airlines and the A.L.P.A. to take these simple measures to
prevent hijackings:

(1) Lock and secure the cockpit door before takeoff, and do not open it
under any circumstances. Do not let anyone enter even if they threaten to
kill every passenger, or blow up the plane. Remember, they will almost
certainly not have guns, but even if they do, do not unlock the door.

(2) Arm the pilots, so that even if the hijackers manage to break into the
cockpit, they will be shot. Also, be sure that no one in the passenger cabin
is armed, not even security people or government agents, because they could
be disarmed by hijackers, and their guns used to break into the cockpit.

(3)Install bullet-proof one-way glass so that the flight crew can see into
the passenger cabin, but not vice-versa. Also, a loophole so they can shoot
into the cabin, if necessary.

Steps (1) and (2) are essential, and would be no problem to implement
immediately. It's unbelievable that it hasn't been done already. You cannot
believe the BS I've heard from airline personnel: "How would the pilots go
to the potty?"; "how would the pilots stretch their legs?"; how would the
pilots get anything to eat?" Etc. Etc. Just plain BS!

Personally, I do not plan to fly until the airlines agree to these measures.

Meanwhile, we are at war, and don't seem to know it yet. Let us pray


The United Nations Disgraceful Flag is flying in front of the World Trade
Center building along with federal government agency flags, but no US flag.
But everything else is burned all around them--Even cars. So they had to
just hang these flags.
What are they doing celebrating?
Also: Who owns the World Trade Center buildings?
Is it the United Nations?


I have many questions not covered by the establishment media...
How many more Robert Hanssen "double agents" lurk inside the FBI and CIA? Could other double agents have provided intelligence reports to aid foreign terrorists? How can our nation's most impregnable strategic military building- the Pentagon- turn out to be a sitting duck? How's this for an "advance warning"- the pivotal event in the 1978 book, "The Turner Diaries," was a plane crashing into the Pentagon


Did anyone else hear the governor of Oklahoma telling a reporter that we were going to have to "give up some freedom" now that this has happened in order to secure our safety? HE WHO WILL GIVE UP FREEDOM FOR SECURITY SHALL HAVE NEITHER!!!!!!!


Thank you for allthe times you yelled at us over the airwaves to wake up.
We needed it. Now some will pay attention.
Pastor Peters stayed on air an extra hour tonite - one caller said
it wouldhave taken a very experienced pilot to fly that low
and one who knows military aircraft.
If you and Violet get weary, remember I am holding you up in
prayer here in Kansas city AND willing to come there in half a heartbeat
if I can help. every real American Patriot admires you both greatly.
Radio Free Liberty's Pam Stegner reported today
in KC that petrol prices are soaring - lines at the pump were
extreme all over town at 5 pm.
Alex, the best guests you have ever had are the listeners of Infowars.
They recognize you are right when you repeatedly tell us -
There is a war on for your mind. Blessings to every listener.



I just caught part of an interview with GEN Schwartzkauph. Tom Brokaw literaly asked the general what he thought about placing an armed soldier on all U.S. commercial aircraft. Schwartkauph told him that he was "uncomfortable" with that. Al the other questions were masked much better, but what Brokaw ment to ask was,
"Do you think that sodiers today need to be trained for martial law."
I've also kept hering them talk about how Bin Lauden (a.k.a. boogie man) must have an extensive support group in the U.S. which is bull. I figure 2-4 men hijacked each of the aircraft, one of which was a pilot. It's not hard to conceal 2-4 men and insert them with weapons onto a plane. The mainstream media keeps reporting on how they must have known a lot about the weather, because of how perfect it was today. Anybody with a cable TV can find out what the weather is like all over the world. All the intel they needed was the weather channel and flight schedules.
Also, don't you love how they conviently hit the one side of the pentagon that had the least people in it, not to mention on the completely opposite of the building from the office of Secretary of the Defense Rummsfeld (a Bohemian Grove member I think). That sure was convient.



I've have been studying magickal texts, the paranormal, and mystic since I
was very young. I am very spiritual and have always used my knowledge for
the benefit others. I am a firm believer and of karma, so "treat others as
you would have them treat you."

The point of this is that I see a ritualistic connection to the dates of
these events. 9/11/2001 equals five in numerology. Five can be used in
rituals to cause confusion and panic. Also when I saw the pentagon on fire,
it symbolized a burning pentacle.
A stewardess on one of the planes said that men had killed the crew with
"knifelike instruments". They keep saying it's a boxcutter. that doesn't
make sense. Most people can tell the difference between a boxcutter or
X-Acto knife and a knife. I feel that these are ritualistic daggers and the
entire tragedy was a ritualistic sacrifice.


A reporter from a radio station in Chicago said that they (the reporters)
had leave O'Hare.
What is going on there that they do not want people to see?


I have heard reports of black helicopters landing on a
smaller building shortly before the planes crashed
into the WTC. I have heard this rumor several times,
they state the helicopter landed and shot off a flare
shortly before the planes crashed!!!!!! Please
confirm or deny this rumor.



I have taped a segment of a USA TODAY reporter on Channel 9 /
Washington, D. C.

she was talking from a remote location about how our military
intelligence dropped the ball. She was eluding towards our governments
prior knowledge of these attacks. She was talking via telephone with a
military official who kept acting as if the telephone was cutting out on
him. Eventually he got "disconnected" after she had to repeat herself
twice. After that the anchors in the studio were shuffling through paper
work and stuttering and stammering through their dialogue. It appeared
as though they were caught off guard by the reporters comments.


Did the effect of the plane crashes cause the towers to crumble, or, were
there other blasts on the lower levels, similar to what happened to the
Murrah building in OKC?


I heard a report on NPR an hour ago that stated the part of the pentagon
that was burned was under construction and that there were few people
in that area. I thought this was an incredible coincidence.


Alex, I have
a 300 gal gasoline tank on our property. I called our local farm co-op
to get gasoline delivered at noon, cst. I was told the government has
shut down delivery of gasoline at this time. The woman I spoke to said,
"I don't know when or if we can deliver again."


Dear Alex,

You were right the whole time. This is only the beginning. Martial law is
next; it's as evident as it can possibly get. Now more than ever, I
encourage you to remain active throughout these events; we need you to stay
on this. I've been following your work since your appearance on Jeff Rense's
program last year. I have to admit that your predictions are coming true.

Alex, you are one of the few who are trying to save our country. Keep


you can't tell me that we could'nt have done something to prevent this
"terrorist act' from occuring. if nothing else, shoot the plane down. this
sounds very harsh...but now we have many more lives put in danger. i can not
believe that no one knew that there were two planes headed for the trade
center. maybe my comments are ignorant. but in this great age of technology,
something could have been done!


I was watching Foxnews after the first building collapsed and a person
who was there came out of the dust telling the reporter I saw and heard
a bomb go off I saw it I saw it and the reporter just turned around and
ignored him.. It is also clear looking at the film that the building was
blown out ......



After the planes hit the building they seem to stand up fine. But it
was interesting that the building collapsed as if they were imploded by

You cannot have the investigative seen standing just like in Oklahoma
city bombing incident.



They have already started! I just heard Peter Jennings with Tony
(somebody) discussing how we as a nation may need to readjust our
national liberties in view of today's events.


Just talked to my brother-in-law who works in downtown Houston.
He said that their building was evacuated by FBI and FEMA FPS
(Federal Protection Services) police. The FEMA people were in white SUVs/suburbans.
Don't know if this means anything but wanted to pass it on.