Kurt Nimmo
September 10, 2011

Ayman al-Zawahiri and al-Qaeda collaborated with another official enemy, the Taliban, to bring three terrorists to America, according to the New York Post:

Al-Zawahiri coordinated with the Taliban in Afghanistan to help get the three men out of that country when they “dropped and swapped” passports after arriving from Pakistan, The Daily reported.

After traveling to Dubai, the men then headed to the United States, where they were instructed “to be flexible in their attack.”

A source told The Post the men were instructed to look for “targets of opportunity” in the event they were unable to bomb high-value targets such as bridges and tunnels.

The Post reports that “a reliable CIA informant in Pakistan” provided the second-hand tip that is “not corroborated, not confirmed,” as White House spokesman Jay Carney put it.

Despite this, both New York City and Washington, D.C., have been converted into militarized camps with cops stomping around in combat boots toting AR-15 and M4 assault rifles with high-capacity clips. New York even rolled out its own army and navy in response to the vague threat.

As we noted in June, after the government and its lapdog media boasted that special forces had taken out Osama bin Laden in Pakistan – minus any evidence – Ayman al-Zawahri supposedly became the new leader of al-Qaeda, the terror group named after a database.

The 60 year old former doctor has an interesting background, one rarely if ever mentioned by the establishment media as it continues its effort to sell us the fantasy that Muslim cave dwellers want to kill us for our freedoms.

Zawahiri was one of a number of groomed assets who visited the country he has vowed to destroy, despite the fact was granted U.S. residence by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, something almost impossible for many legitimate immigrants to obtain.

He visited the al-Kifah Refugee Center in Brooklyn in 1989 and made a trip to raise funds for the NATO-CIA war in the Balkans in 1993. He was known as a leader of Islamic Jihad – responsible for the assassination of Anwar Sadat – and al-Qaeda’s second-in-command, but was allowed to enter the country despite this.

Prior to his murder, Sadat cooperated fully with the CIA in its effort to eradicate Arab nationalism, especially Nasserite pan-Arab nationalism. Sadat tried to appease the threat of militant Islam by releasing all of the imprisoned members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood was instrumental in the creation of Egypt’s Islamic Jihad. The CIA has worked with the Muslim Brotherhood since at least 1955 in an effort to destroy Arab nationalism.

Prior to World War II British Intelligence cultivated ties with the Brotherhood through agent Freya Stark, the British adventurer and writer,” writes Peter Goodgame. “The Muslim Brotherhood spread throughout the Muslim world and has evolved into something like a Muslim equivalent of the West’s Masonic brotherhood. It became one of the first Islamic Fundamentalist terror organizations.”

The Muslim Terror Network is a creation of U.S, British and Israeli intelligence. Ayman’s brother, Zaiman al-Zawahiri, fought for the CIA in Kosovo while Ayman fought in Bosnia. The brothers join a long list of other supposed terrorists who collaborated with the CIA, Pakistan’s ISI and British intelligence: USS Cole Bomber Jamal al-Badawi fought for the CIA in Bosnia, Zacarias Moussaoui fought for the CIA in Chechnya, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed fought for the CIA in Afghanistan, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman fought for the CIA in Afghanistan, and Abdullah Azzam, “one of the ideological founders of Hamas” fought for the CIA in Afghanistan, as did his protege, Osama bin Laden.

Before everything changed ten years ago tomorrow, the corporate media would casually mention that the CIA ran terror groups in America, specifically the al-Kifah Refugee Center in Brooklyn used by the agency to recruit Afghan fighters who would later become al-Qaeda.

All of that data has since found the memory hole as we move into our second decade of war against a phantom terror group that supposedly pulls off events every decade or so.

The latest terror hype is designed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of September 11. It is yet another stage managed non-event engineered to fully exploit the attacks and take the propaganda war to the next level.

If there is indeed a terror event tomorrow – or another ludicrous Times Square incident with barbeque canisters or one pulled off in the air above America by yet another mental deficient with alleged bomb material in his shoes or underwear – we can be certain it will be a government-orchestrated event.

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