Adan Salazar
September 6, 2012

92-year-old Earl Jones, a farmer and war veteran from Verona, Kentucky, made headlines this past week after defending his home from an intruder.

As Jones explains, early Tuesday morning at about 2am he was going about his business when he heard a noise come from his basement.

The intruder, 24-year-old Lloyd Maxwell, had penetrated the basement and was likely trying to surprise Jones, however, Jones had an even bigger surprise in store for Maxwell.

When Jones realized he was dealing with a thief, he grabbed his .22 caliber rifle and sat down with it across his knees waiting for the robber to surface from the basement. “I knew he was gonna open the door from the basement, cause that’s how you get in here,” Jones explained to Ohio news publication

As Jones sat waiting, he could hear steps coming up from the basement growing louder until finally the burglar kicked the door down. As Jones recalls, “He damn near kicked it off the hinges.”

Jones goes on to say, “When he stepped up he was fully exposed, clothing and all, and I said ‘Well, that’s far enough.’” That’s when Jones fired.

The thwarted plunderer fell back stumbling down the stairs from whence he came. Once the thief reached the bottom, his two friends had to drag his body out of the house and into a car.

Jones told the Associated Press, “I aimed right for his heart…I didn’t go to war for nothing. I have the right to carry a gun. That’s what I told the police.”

Jones, a military veteran who served from 1941 to 1946, says that although he faced a life-or-death situation, he had no fear: “Was I scared? Was I mad? Hell, no…It was simple. That man was going to take my life. He was hunting me. I was protecting myself.”

When the reporter conducting the interview asked Jones why he didn’t dial 9-1-1, Jones asked, “Why?! I’m a military man…I’m not going to dial somebody and have to wait for somebody…If I hadn’t shot him, he’d have been in here attacking me.”

Even though, according to police, this was the third burglary on Jones’ farm this year, Jones says police that responded still forced him to put his hands in the air, even after declaring himself the owner of the property.

In the midst of our crashing economy, criminals are growing increasingly desperate. It is evidently becoming imperative that citizens courageously take up arms and vehemently stand up for their rights to defend themselves from invaders, violently if necessary.

According to Wikipedia, home invasion statistics are difficult to pinpoint due to differing state laws regarding the actual definition of a home invasion. One infographic, however, has gathered pertinent information from sources such as the FBI and DOJ. Startlingly, the graphic shows that one burglary occurs every 10 seconds in the US.

Governments would like their citizens disarmed to make it easier for their minions to “keep us in line.” They care not that we possess the means to defend our homes.

Rather, they would have us be quiet slaves dependent upon them and police for our every need.

Their biggest fear is an armed and informed population. Do your part to educate yourself and others about the necessity of owning firearms

…and you should probably put your hands up if cops ask you to.

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