Hundreds of people were arrested in Santa Monica, California over the weekend as rioters destroyed local businesses and clashed with the police.

Describing what was at first a peaceful protest, Santa Monica Police Chief Cynthia Renaud explained that a “second group” came into the city to loot and destroy property.

In total, over 400 individuals were arrested for crimes ranging from burglary and assault with a deadly weapon to looting and curfew violations and assault on an officer.

Renaud also said 95% of those arrested do not have Santa Monica addresses.

ABC 7 reports, “At least nine fires were set in the city on Sunday – four to buildings, four to cars and one in a dumpster, fire officials said.”

A local business owner was interviewed while he stood in front of his property holding a pistol alongside his neighbor who backed him up with a rifle.

“A single gun doesn’t intimidate,” the man explained when asked if the firearms helped him deter looters. “When you see two or three people having a weapon and standing guard, it deterred a lot of looters today. And it got pretty scary here on Broadway.”

Additionally, the image of a white man and a black man standing together to protect their community blows the lid off the racial division being pushed by the establishment media and Democrat party.

Who is organizing these riots?

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