Global Warming Debunked with Marc Morano

Infowars | Carefully crafted artificial scarcity deception designed to empower a takeover of earth’s resources and control of its peoples.

Rio+20: The Future We Dread with Marc Morano | A vocal coalition of environmental realists who refuse to buy the UN-backed agenda are calling for some sanity.

The Coming Global EPA’s Gestapo Units with Marc Morano | Marc Morano talks about the control freaks’ latest efforts to run every aspect of our lives.

Marc Morano: World Government Built on Eco-Fascism to Control All

Infowars | Morano discusses the latest attempt to build world government on a foundation of eco-fascism.

The Great Greenie Hoax with Marc Morano

Infowars Nightly News | Aaron talks with Mark Morano of the Climate Depot.

UN Official Calls For ‘Ark’ To Save World From ‘Global Warming’

‘Centralized transformation’ will make things ‘very different’ for life on the planet,’ she says.

‘EcoSexuals’ & Earth Day Politically Incorrect Guide

Find out how the left hijacked the environmental movement.

Chilling: Play Titled ‘Kill Climate Deniers’ Launches Theatrical Run

First staging was shut down following backlash.

RIP: Weather Channel Founder John Coleman Dies – Called ‘global warming’ a ‘hoax’

Had the courage to go after Al Gore, Bill Nye and many others.

Swedish Press: We Need “Climate Dictator”

“If people won’t want my preferred solution, then people are stupid.”

Australia ‘weather-experts’ Falsify Climate Change

But don’t worry; the science is settled!

Climate Report to UN: Trump right, UN wrong – Skeptics Deliver Consensus Busting ‘State of the Climate Report’ to UN Summit

Climate Depot’s 43 Page Report Presented To UN Climate Summit in Marraketch, Morocco – Trump is correct to be skeptical of ‘climate change’ claims.

WANTED: Climate Thought Criminal

Marc Morano’s fight for freedom of speech and more.

STEALTH AGENDA: New UN Tribunal to Judge US for “Climate Debt”

Tucked away on page 19 of the 34-page document is the call for establishing an International Tribunal of Climate Justice.

Republicans Commit Climate Suicide

GOP betrays We the People once again.

Hidden Agenda of Global Warming Hoax: One-World Government

Marc Morano explains how a majority of global warming research is derived from establishment-approved sources.

The Truth About Climate Change

What’s really going on?

Scientists Balk at ‘Hottest Year’ Claims: Ignores Satellites Showing 18 Year ‘Pause’

Global warming is a hoax promoted by power-hungry politicians.

Bill Nye confuses South Pole with North Pole in Climate Debate

Climate Depot | Nye holds up a picture of the Arctic, claiming it is the Antarctic.

Global Warming and The Absurd Level of Lying | Alex welcomes to the broadcast Marc Morano of Climate Depot.

CBS Featured ‘futurist’ as Climate Expert Blaming Record Cold on ‘global warming’

Marc Morano | Physicist promotes paranormal phenomena of ‘Telepathy, Telekinesis, & Mind reading’

Global warming Prof. Kevin Anderson ‘cuts back on washing and showering’ to fight climate change

Climate Depot | Morano to Anderson: ‘And you really believe that [not bathing] is going to help people avoid typhoons?’

Typhoon Haiyan: George Clooney declares global warming skeptics to be ‘stupid’ & ‘ridiculous’

Climate Depot | Actor George Clooney declared global warming skeptics to be “stupid” and “ridiculous.”

Lord Monckton evicted from UN climate summit

Climate Depot | ‘Escorted from the hall and security officers stripped him of his UN credentials’

“Climate Science” in Shambles: Real Scientists Battle UN Agenda

New American | It is the best of times, it is the worst of times — for science.

Greenpeace co-founder: ‘Thank goodness we came along & reversed 150 million-year trend of reduced CO2 levels in global atmosphere. Long live the humans’

Climate Depot | Greenpeace Co-Founder Dr. Patrick Moore commented a new study trying to explain the lack of global warming.

Critics of Sustainability Hysteria Slam UN’s Anti-liberty Rio+20 Agenda

New American | Lord Christopher Monckton slammed the entire UN summit and declared that its dangerous agenda should fail.

UN Censorship: Rio Earth Summit text is now secret

Christopher Monckton | Officially-accredited non-government delegates who had traveled thousands of miles to attend the UN’s Rio+20 sustainable development conference have been refused all access to the central negotiating text.

Climate Alarmist Calls For Burning Down Skeptics’ Homes

Paul Joseph Watson | “Let’s start keeping track of them…let’s make them pay”.

S. African activist slams UN’s ‘Green Climate Fund’

Marc Morano | South African development activist Leon Louw declared the UN’s “Green Climate Fund” nothing more than an attempt by wealthy nations to keep the poor nations from developing.

UN Calls For Eco-Fascist World Government At Durban Summit

Paul Joseph Watson | “International Climate Court of Justice” would force western nations to pay “climate debt”.

Gore’s 24 Hour Climate Show Gets Negative Reviews From Fellow Global Warming Activists

Marc Morano | Two German scientists ridiculed Gore for his “apocalyptic” tone and his “promise of salvation.”

Nobel Laureate Resigns From Society Because Of Its Global Warming Fear-Mongering

Marc Morano | Climate Depot has obtained the exclusive email Giaever sent to APS Executive Officer Kate Kirby to announce his formal resignation.

Left-wing Env. Scientist Bails Out Of Global Warming Movement: ‘Imaginary problem of the 1st World’

Climate Depot | Physicist Dr. Denis Rancourt, a former professor and environmental science researcher at the University of Ottawa, has officially bailed out of the man-made global warming movement.

Population Control Advocate Wanted To Sterilize Food, Water

Climate Depot | A 1972 article about “The Population Bomb” biologist Paul Ehrlich reveals a nascent environmental movement grappling with mass sterilization, climate fears, “international policy planning” and redistribution of wealth.