COINTELPRO on Steroids

We are all fellow travelers.

The Return of COINTELPRO?

Tom McNamara | Close and intricate partnership between the federal government on one side and banks and private businesses on the other.

That was Then, This is Now: Cointelpro Today with Larry Pinkney | Larry Pinkney is a veteran of the Black Panther Party.

Is COINTELPRO Effort Underway to Sabotage Ron Paul in Iowa?

Kurt Nimmo | If elements of OWS and Anonymous are not intelligence operations, then they are nothing less than useful idiots.

FBI Director’s Term Extension Ensures Neo-COINTELPRO Operations Will Prevail

Kevin Gosztola | Congress and the Obama Administration have decided continuity is more important than addressing lawless and illicit operations in government.

The SF8, FBI Repression, and the Return of COINTELPRO

Rick Gedeon | Richard Brown was falsely arrested and tells his decades-long story about his experience with the FBI.

Wikileaks: CoIntelPro Psyop

Silver Shield | Wikileaks has all of the power to spread the truth on the internet and all of the secrecy that the Elite uses.

Wikileaks: Corrupted Oracle or a Cointelpro Asset of the Establishment?

Patrick Henningsen | You can judge a tree by its fruit. In the case of Wikileaks, its low-hanging fruit.

Cynthia McKinney on 9/11 and COINTELPRO

You Tube | Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney speaking about the war games that were happening on 9/11, Operation Northwoods, COINTELPRO, and the 9/11 Commission.

Flashback: the New COINTELPRO

Camille T. Taiara | The Feds are spying on — and harassing — political activists with a fury not seen since the 1960s.


Tom Burghardt | Congress kicked-off the summer with the shameful passage by the House and Senate of the FISA Amendments Act.

COINTELPRO Returns: My First-Hand Experience With Government Spies

Dave Zirin | The Maryland State Police’s Department of Homeland Security devoted near 300 hours and thousands of taxpayer dollars to harass people whose only crime was dissent.

COINTELPRO Déjà Vu: FBI Recruits Informers for the RNC

Kurt Nimmo | Government “neutralization” of activists and patriots is nothing new. In fact, it has a long and sordid history going back to the founding of the republic.

Is Nico Haupt a COINTELPRO Operative?

Kurt Nimmo | Is it possible the space beam advocate Nico Haupt works for the government?

Ron Paul: How Expansive is FBI Spying?

Congress must hold hearings to determine if the FBI is currently using unconstitutional methods to “monitor” any organizations based on their beliefs.

FEC Chairwoman Attacks The First Amendment

Federal government teaming up with Big Tech to silence dissenting voices.

Leftist Study Calls For Banning ‘Small Clusters’ Of Right-Wing Thought Criminals to Avoid ‘Inflaming The Entire Hive’

This paper could give us a clue as to why they appear to be aiming to pick right-wingers off one by one rather than all at once.

Secret House Memo Released: The Fallout, The Lies, and The Bigger Picture

The Trump-FISA-dossier scandal is just the tip of an exceedingly large surveillance iceberg.

The FBI Is an Enemy of Freedom

The FBI has served as the strong arm of the deep state

The FBI’s Forgotten Criminal Record

The FBI has always used its “good guy” image to keep a lid on its crimes

USC Prof: ‘Whiteness’ Must Be ‘By Any And All Means, Destroyed’

Why is the University of Southern California allowing this hate-preacher to teach students?

Supreme Court Ruling Allows FBI to Hack and Surveil Computers

Agency has record of targeting political activists.

America’s Gestapo: The FBI’s Reign of Terror

This is how freedom falls, and tyrants come to power.

Pentagon Admits It Uses Military Drones to Spy on Americans

Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the military from operating on American soil.

White House Executive Order on Privacy Falls Short

Surveillance will survive encryption, despite false FBI claims.

The FBI and Memphis Police Admit Their Involvement in the Assassination of MLK

Admitted responsibility in attempting to ruin Dr. King’s marriage and persuading him to commit suicide.

Corporate Media Falls for Fake Bundy Rosa Parks Tweet

Just a prankster or is something more nefarious up?

One Part Of The Economy Is Booming: The Underground/Cash-Only Sector

It won’t be much of a surprise to those living outside the Washington D.C. beltway.

Black Lives Matter Sabotaging Bernie Sanders Campaign

Possible COINTELPRO operation to destroy Sanders?

5 Confirmed False Flag Operations and How to Spot Them in the Future

The story of the false flag phenomenon is one that is still being written.

Council of Conservative Citizens Adds to Racist Dialogue as Race War Brews in America

FBI has history of infiltrating and driving racist movement in America.

DEA Officials Say Agency’s Mass Surveillance Program Before 9/11 Served as Blueprint for NSA

Mass surveillance began with establishment of national security state in 1947.

42 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks

Governments from Around the World Admit They Do It.

Race War in Ferguson Despite Outcome On Darren Wilson

Protest organizers emphasize racial character of anticipated protest and threat posed to white people.