Is California About To Get Hit By A Hurricane For The Very First Time In U.S. History?

Right now there are three very dangerous tropical storms swirling in the eastern Pacific Ocean. 

Hurricane Dorian Can’t Save CNN, MSNBC from Losing over Fifth of Audience

Yep, even the massively over-hyped news about a mass shooting and a regional weather story — Hurricane Dorian — could not stop the bleeding.

Hurricane Dorian Has Regained Strength And Is Reportedly “On A Collision Course With The Carolinas”

Global weather patterns have definitely been behaving very strangely all year long, and we could most certainly see even more surprises in the weeks ahead.

Is Hurricane Dorian A Weather Weapon?

Alex Jones delivers cutting-edge analysis on how to interpret new weather data

New Forecast: Hurricane Dorian Is Going To Absolutely Hammer The East Coast All Week Long

Let us pray that such a disaster is put off for as long as possible, and let us also be in prayer for those in the Bahamas that are suffering so much right now.

A Category 6 Storm? If The Scale Went That High, Hurricane Dorian Would Be One

Now we are dealing with a hurricane that is so intense that it could be considered to be a “Category 6 storm” if the Saffir Simpson scale was expanded.

Hurricane Dorian Reaches “Catastrophic” Category 5

‘The hurricane should move closer to the Florida east coast late Monday through Tuesday night.’

Hurricane Dorian Shifts Course, Strengthens to Category 4

Winds have reached 145 mph, according to National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane Dorian Takes Aim at Florida

Powerful storm predicted to reach Fla. area by weekend

We Are Being Told That Dorian Could Become A Category 4 Hurricane Before It Finally Slams Into The U.S. Coast

If Dorian makes landfall on the east coast of Florida as a Category 3 or Category 4 storm, that will be a major disaster.

Thousands of Water Bottles Meant for Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Found in Field… AGAIN

Another indicator local officials sabotaged relief efforts

5G Will Block Hurricane Tracking So Govt Can Track YOU

The ability to track YOU and compile intel on you is more important than protecting lives from hurricanes or the health effects of 5G.

Media Ignores US Hurricane Disaster, FEMA Abandons FL Panhandle

TJ Morris joins to talk about FEMA’s bureaucratic failure months after Hurricane Michael.

Nearly Two-Dozen F-22 Stealth Fighters Unaccounted For After Hurricane Michael

Potentially billions lost in Tyndall Air Force Base

Florida Turns to Cleanup After Powerful Hurricane Michael

Trump in touch with local officials

Photos, Video: Hurricane Michael Causes Major Destruction after Slamming into Florida Gulf

Parts of northwest Florida in ruins following major storm.

Trump: Hurricane Michael “Grew Into A Monster”

No one saw such a powerful storm coming

Investor-Owned Hospitals Worth Billions Brace for Hurricane Michael

Total combined stock market value of $60 billion

‘Unusual Event’: Can Hurricane Flooding Cause a Fukushima Disaster in NC?

Multiple nuclear plants were in the path of Hurricane Florence.

Hurricane Florence Could Send Coal Prices Soaring

Key export hubs have halted operations

Performance Art! CNN’s Anderson Cooper Caught Faking Hurricane Florence Intensity

Cooper busted by public just hours after Weather Channel staged even bigger stunt.

Twitter Roasts Weather Channel Reporter for Faking Hurricane Wind Intensity

Reporter struggles to stand as two guys casually stroll behind him.

Watch: Epic American Returns to Headbang During Hurricane Florence

Florida man jams out to Slayer’s ‘Raining Blood’ once again

Meteorologist Claims Trump Making Hurricane Worse

Media suggests Trump “complicit in this storm”

Meteorologists Depict Hurricane Florence Flood Threat With Cutting Edge Graphics

See what a 13-foot storm surge would really look like.

Anti-Trump Pundits Blast President Over Hurricane Florence – Before It Even Hits!

USA Today critical of $10 million taken from FEMA, which has budget in billions!

Media’s Anti-Trump Hurricane Narrative Underway

Storm hasn’t even made landfall