Farage Slams BBC Over Brexit Coverage

Says UK network in denial

BBC Sacks Radio Presenter Over Royal Baby Chimpanzee Tweet

The BBC has fired broadcaster Danny Baker after he tweeted an image of a chimpanzee wearing clothes captioned “Royal Baby leaves hospital”.

BBC Airs ‘Asian’ Rapper’s Song About Pimping “White Girls”

Track glorifies prostitution of white women

BBC, Attenborough Accused of Fake News on ‘Climate Change: The Facts’

As wags have quipped, the programme presented by Sir David Attenborough was so riddled with errors it really should have been called Climate: Change The Facts.

BBC Reveals That RESTART Is The Legitimate Voice Of The Iranian People

Meanwhile, other opposition groups appear to be fake establishment bots.

BBC Ordered to Pay Damages for Fake News About Trump and Ukraine President

In the May 2018 piece, the disgraced BBC made the absurd claim that Poroshenko, who already had a meeting set up with Trump, paid this $400,000 to extend the meeting.

BBC CANCELS Count Dankula Appearance on New Panel Show

Comedian Mark Meechan was due to appear on BBC Scotland.

Global Bombshell! BBC Caught Working With MI5 To Frame and Imprison Journalist

See the censored film below and spread it across the internet as it’s sure to be taken down any minute.

Attacker of BBC Cameraman At Trump Rally Was A Possible Plant

Witness of the event shares his side of the story.

BBC Producer Deletes Tweet Calling Out Staged Chemical Attack Victims

Said he could prove no fatalities occurred in hospital footage

BBC Producer Says Footage of Alleged Gas Attack Victims in Syria’s Douma Staged

‘The attack in Douma had happened but sarin had not been used there.’

BBC Deletes Tweet Promoting “Debate” on Whether Honor Killings Are Good or Bad

Network asked if refugee who renounced Islam and faced death should be “respected”.

Environmentalists Storm BBC Headquarters, Want Global Warming a “Top Editorial Issue”

Group reportedly stormed eight BBC locations across UK, Germany

BBC Asks “Should we stop listening to these Christmas songs?”

Neo-puritan agenda is ruining music, comedy… and everything else.

BBC Suggests October Trump’s Most Successful Month Ever

President gains momentum leading into midterms

BBC Debuts British-Iraqi, Gay, Non-binary Muslim to Explain Quantum Physics & Gender Identity

‘I am very comforted by this as a queer person with no real fixed identity.’

BBC Withdraws ‘Human Planet’ Series After Multiple Scenes Exposed as Fake

Establishment media can’t even present honest nature shows

The NYT And BBC Admit Bad Gut Bacteria Are Making You Depressed

MSM publishes story Infowars has covered for years.

BBC Host Tells Former Navy Chief Not to Question Syria Narrative

“We’re in an information war with Russia”.

BBC Ignores Massive New Child Grooming Scandal

State media covers up for Islamic rape gangs

BBC Gives Transgender Model Platform to Assert ‘White Race is Violent’

National broadcaster a willing mouthpiece for racist rant.

BBC Falls Victim to 4Chan Trolling – MSM Caught Sounding Like Idiots

BBC claims visiting 4Chan constitutes “investigative journalism”

‘Digital Blackface’: BBC Claims Black People Reaction Gifs are Racist

Network features video claiming white people use gifs to ‘exaggerate blackness.’

Muslim Women Joke about Hiding Bomb under Burqa in Pro-Islamic BBC Video

Backlash after BBC attempts to normalize burqa with propaganda video.

BBC Says Romans and Brits Were Black

The BBC is rewriting history.

Polish MP Schools BBC Host On Refugees: ‘How Many Terror Attacks Have You Had In London?’

Polish MP schooled a BBC host on the threat of refugees and turned her into a bumbling fool.

BBC Workers Killed, Wounded In Massive Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

Journalists among over 80 dead, 350 wounded in blast