Bob Moriarty
April 20, 2009

At Joe Martin’s Vancouver Gold show in January of 2008 I predicted a major stock market crash in October. My speech was titled “Derivatives and the Crash of 2008.” It came true.

[efoods]In October/November I was predicting a market rise into March/April of 2009. We got it.

I’m going to crawl way out on a limb. A major crash this way cometh.

The stock markets have gone up for six straight weeks. That’s a pretty strong sign of a top. Our financial system continues to come unglued as Goldman Sachs leads the looting of the treasury after a financial coup d’état that has stolen $46,000 from each taxpayer to hand it over to the banks now running the country. After over $13.6 trillion has been poured into the banking system, I cannot see that a person I know has been enriched by even a single cent but each American is now indebted to the tune of an additional $46,000.

It’s going to end badly. We are not at the bottom; we aren’t even near the bottom. In terms of the Great Depression, we are in 1931 or so; the bottom is ahead of us. I expect the dollar to default in the next few months after a General Motors and Chrysler bankruptcy convinces everyone that we are truly in a depression.

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