Robert LeJeune
September 26, 2010

As stated in the title, let’s take a long hard logical look at 9/11. Look at the events and see them with a logical and open mind. Let us not use the same eyes filled with terror and dread as we did that day, but take a calm and logical approach to the events. We must step away from the shock and awe of the attacks, and the death that has resulted since.

There is no clear indication or even admission of guilt or claim of responsibility for the attacks on 9/11. Not even Mr. Osama Bin Laden has actually claimed the event.

Now first, let us take a view of the individuals we were told committed the attacks. We are told that these men were fundamental extremist, bent on instilling fear and terror by killing Americans by the thousands. We are told by history, that these individuals, Muslim Extremist, are deeply religious and have an absolutely religious view in everything they do. Now these Muslim extremist are notorious for concealing themselves right up until the times of their attack.

Here in lies the problem with these particular individuals. You see, these men did not conceal or hide themselves, or their actions, in any way whatsoever. It is common knowledge, or should be to a well informed individual, that these men often consumed alcohol and visited sexually explicit establishments. Some of these individuals actually used credit cards in their own names, and made no attempt to “lay low” or “stay off the radar”. They did all they could to attract attention. Some of these people would go on to apply for government loans and often asked about the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. These men were flashy, by a very liberal use of the word. Individuals who encountered them clearly remember them.

Now, if we are to use history to decide if these men are actually who we are told they are, then they do not fit the profile of Muslim Extremist! These men often broke sacred Muslim laws and traditions while here supposedly planning their mission. In no way were these men devout Muslims. If history is our guide and judge as to what a Muslim Extremist is, then these men were most assuredly NOT, Muslim Extremist.

Now true martyrs to a cause would have humbly carried out their day to day lives and duties in preparation for the attack. After all, the Martyrs group or affiliation is left to claim the attack. Yet on 9/11 there is no clear indication or even admission of guilt or claim of responsibility for the attacks on 9/11. Not even Mr. Osama Bin Laden has actually claimed the event.

So, do these individuals logically and historically fit the profile of Devout Muslim Extremist set to die for the glory of Islam? I would say not.

Now, let us view with logic and reason the actions of our own FAA and NORAD on the day of September 11th, 2001. We have been told for over fifty years now that these organizations were put in place to guide and protect the skies of the United States. For years both of these organizations have grown into very well respected and dependable institutions. We have erected these very agencies for the purpose of keeping track of aircraft, and keeping the skies of America safe. We have poured billions of dollars and given the most advanced weapons on the face of the Earth to these organizations, in hopes they could stave off any disaster over American skies. It is public knowledge of how easy it is for the FAA to have NORAD intercept errant aircraft in a matter of minutes. It had worked this way every day before 9/11. Yet for all this, we are told that all that was put into place to protect us, failed!

Now let’s look at the reasons why we are told all of these systems failed. Remember to look at what is being said, and the actions of the day, with logic, reason and calm. Now the FAA claims to have lost contact with civilian airliners over American airspace for in some cases up to 10 to 15 min, before any action was taken. It does not matter which plane or where. We are looking at overall actions and not specific information. No, these aircraft would proceed, unimpeded by the FAA for quite some time, before they actually called the military and told them they had lost airliners!

Logically, this is impossible. You see, the FAA, as well as NORAD, have very strict and strident rules in regards to lost contact with aircraft. Controllers are well versed and trained in these procedures. Within minutes of lost contact, the military is informed and action is taken. This is the way that it has worked for years, before 9/11 that is. On this day it seems that all forms of procedure and protocol were slack, or nonexistent.

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Now does this seem logical, or even remotely possible? My logic, and common knowledge, tell me no.

NORAD is the institution directly responsible for the defense of North American airspace. They are equipped with the most advanced aerial tracking system known to man. This organization can track, and could on 9/11 as well, real time airborne objects over any area of the continental United States. I mean, this is the heart and soul, as well as the last line of defense for our nation. Yet on 9/11, the military was conducting multiple, overlapping, war games which spanned every agency across the American defense grid, at the same time. Now it was these very war games which supposedly crippled the entire defense grid for almost an hour, allowing the attacks to be concluded.

To even consider, that there were individuals in the United States military command that would be stupid enough to schedule events in such a way, that it utterly cripples the entire defense network, is an absolute insult to the intelligence of the American citizen! I mean, the scenario defies even simple belief, let alone logic. If we are expected to accept this as the actual truth as to the military, and the civilian commands, explanation as to their lack of action, then they believe we must truly be a nation of retarded avatars!

Finally, we come to the ultimate results of the military and civil commands inability, or lack of willingness to act. Two of the most powerful, over engineered buildings ever built, crumble to a fine powder as a result of plane impact damage and fire. Then watch a building, not hit by a plane, and sustaining marginal damage from the collapse of the towers and a few scattered fires, descend straight down into its own footprint in roughly 6 seconds. I refer to the very little know, and never shown again since by main stream media outlets, Building 7, or Salomon Brothers Bldg.

Now remember, look at it logically, without the shock and awe you felt that day. We have seen two large aircraft impact two large buildings and large fireballs erupting after each impact. We can see the damage to the face of the buildings where the planes hit, and we watch the towers pour out black smoke for 45 min. In no way do we see at any time after impact, any fires that could be called infernos that ravaged the unprotected steel. We do not see intense heat coming out of the towers from invisible internal fires that ultimately bring both towers down to the ground.

Now, logically you would expect that the men responsible for the design and construction of then the world’s tallest building would have accounted for the impact of modern jet liners. Well, they did. Actually, they designed them to withstand a fully loaded jetliner of the time at top speed. The aircraft that hit that day, weighed less, was flying slower, and only had half of the fuel load, of the planes the tower was specifically designed to survive. Logic would hold that the towers would have not only survived, but held strong until fires were out and repairs could begin.

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Alas, this was sadly not the case as we all well know. For all of our technical achievements and great knowledge of our engineers, all the basic laws of common knowledge, physics, and logic seemed to have been absent this day. Yes, on this day, it would seem that hundreds, if not thousands of people seemed to put aside all their training and procedures, and let logical thought go for about 2 crucial hours when we needed them most. Yet, the entire apparatus was magically resurrected once the attacks were complete. These agencies which had just so utterly failed us, managed to guide, track, and land thousands upon thousands of civilian jetliners and completely clear the entire American sky of all objects, in little more time than it took the terrorist to carry out their mission.

Now good reader I ask you, does any of the explanations regarding 9/11 given to us by the administration at the time, and carried on in the present, have any basis in logic, or reason? I would say not.

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