Lone Star Watchdog
April 4, 2011

With the vote on raising the debt ceiling coming up and the proposed cuts in spending too much for the Obama Administration to bear. It is good that people in congress who ran on the Tea Party Platform starting to show their discontent and displeasure at Speaker of the House John Boehner for not being serious about countering the out of control spending in the White House. People are now realizing While the Speaker of the House Dances with the President. The country is crumbling.borrowing to fund extravagant government boondoggles like socialized Medicine called Obamcare.The grassroots who were part of the Tea Party do not want politicians who will go along to get along like John Boehner and the NEO conservatives with the White House making deals. They want action and cuts to spending with no more borrowing.

Now the Leadership of the Republicans in congress wants to ditch the Tea Party movement.In their minds they are no longer useful till reelection. I think they will make a big mistake blowing off the Tea Party. I think it will be the these phony conservatives being thrown overboard like useless cargo this time if they burn the Tea Party. I think people are tired of being burned by these politicians.They work hard to get them elected and reelected holding onto hope they will deliver only to be disappointed. Many conservatives including me were burned by President George W Bush hoping he reverse the big government predecessor Bill Clinton and stop using our military for nation building. The Bush presidency has expanded government and has the empire expanding through wars engaging in nation building. Everything George W Bush promised to stop he did the opposite and expanded what the Clinton Administration started.We all were burned and betrayed.

Now I see the Tea Party revolt happening not against the Democrats this time. Now it is the Republicans head they want on a platter. Now we see the Tea Party starting to weed out the RINOS and NEO CON-ARTIST.Starting with John Boehner not only removing him as speaker. They want him out of congress. If the Republican leadership thinks it can blow off the grassroots of the Tea Party and side with the bankers and Walls Street like nothing happened.If the Republicans think they can get away with not cutting the spending. Allowing the size of government to grow without consequence borrowing against our future going further into debt.. I think the grass roots of the Tea Party will be far more harsh with the Republicans claiming to be conservatives than they were ever with the Democrats.Why? Because they promised and refused to deliver.

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