J.T. Coyoté
September 5, 2010

When it comes right down to it, does it matter who you vote for? I mean, when you really think about it, they’re all human, so most are corruptible — it’s the way things are. Yet, being a republic we can control them, right?  Well — when a republic morphs into an apathy based quasi-democracy like ours has, politicians are voted in alright, but the electorate feels blocked or powerless even when their guy wins, he seems to be under higher control — can we possibly turn this around?

So, the real question is: When will the people snap to realizing, this isn’t a democracy? We live in a Constitutional Republic where elected representatives must be accountable to the people. They must publish their contact information so folks can communicate issues, ideas, knowledge, and opinions along a clear avenue to their representative. Reciprocally, this allows the representative, to share his activity directly with the people. You knew that, right? That’s how a republic works, a clear 2 way street — government by the people.

It seems we have amnesically forgotten that we are a republic. Most no longer contact their representatives with their reasoning on issues. Instead, in the throes of this morphing apath-ocracy, the people vote and then put the whole thing out of their minds, until something happens that politically gores their ox. Even then, apathy prevails, why? Is it because we don’t use what is at our disposal, the very tool of a lawful republic — communication? We have our pens, computers, and I-phones, all primed to set our will as the driver for our elected representatives, why not use them.

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Our system is not going to run itself in our best interest, that’s for sure. It requires supervision in-mass by we the People.  Otherwise, as seen by our long neglect, we have many representatives misusing our unsupervised power to split us with divisive rhetoric. The result is disagreement on most everything, even on the validity of the Constitution.

Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison all warned us against the factioning of party — factioning that only leads to sub-faction upon sub-faction. The Founders set up the 1st Amendment so religion could never become a divisive tool of faction to destroy the People’s government. If only they could have foreseen how powerful corporations would accomplish the same terrible deed — to manipulate, direct, and control government to the detriment of the people.

We can avert further senseless squabbling, if we don’t loose sight of the one thing that was designed to hold us all together through tolerance. The one thing that places We the People, above our elected representatives, appointed officials, and judges.  The one thing that belongs to us, to the People alone, for the sole purpose of controlling them all — it’s called The Constitution for the United States of America!

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Imagine if one out of every 100 people thoroughly understood the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and held insight into our state constitutions as well. Imagine further that these 3 million individuals interacted regularly with government in the way our foundation law directs us — we would have no need for this conversation. Why? Because even in our diversity, we would have protected and maintained our liberty by morally and accurately teaching our single common political ground, all plainly and clearly laid out in our foundation laws and documents.

So perhaps it would be a good idea not to worry so much about who-all you vote for, but rather how much direct attention you intend on paying them once they’re elected. Think about it.

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