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Monday, October 10, 2011

“The establishments of both political parties — whether because of actual conviction or political calculation — are equally devoted to the National Security State, the Surveillance State, and the endless erosions of core liberties they entail. Partisan devotees of each party generally pretend to care about such liberties only when the other party is in power — because screaming about abuses of power confers political advantage and enables demonization of the President — but they quickly ignore or even justify the destruction of those liberties when their own party wields power. Hence, Democratic loyalists spent years screeching that Bush was “shredding the Constitution” for supporting policies which Barack Obama now enthusiastically supports, while right-wing stalwarts — who spent years cheering on every Bush-led assault on basic Constitutional limits in the name of Terrorism — flamboyantly read from the Constitution during the Obama era as though they venerate that document as sacred. The war on civil liberties in the U.S. is a fully bipartisan endeavor, and no effective opposition is possible through fealty to either of the two parties.” – Glenn Greenwald

“Americans out of work, out of income, out of homes and prospects, and out of hope for their children’s careers are angry. But the political system offers them no way of bringing about change. They can change the elected servants of the oligarchs, but they cannot change the policies or the oligarchs.” – Paul Craig Roberts

“We have created an environment in which scrutiny of political candidates is superficial, and in which candidates can get away with knowing only enough about critical issues to fill a three-by-five-inch filing card. Illiteracy about key economic issues is widespread, and vacuous, simplistic formulations are put forth without being challenged or parsed. Bogus claims about history are made without shame or correction. That would be a fair summary of the televised debates, which offer little actual debating and are often packaged to resemble a television game show. Is America going about picking presidential candidates the way viewers choose their favorite contestants on “American Idol”? America today faces the very real prospect of a double-dip recession, and is deeply enmeshed in two land wars in the Middle East (one of which marks its first decade this week) that are unpopular but that our political elites don’t want to discuss. It faces the prospect of a “lost generation” of un- and underemployed youth. But our political culture continues to avoid vital issues. Instead, we are treated to political tragicomedy. The rapid rise and fall of candidates in the Republican contest is a telling sign of our Age of Distraction.” –Scott Horton of Harper’s

The Occupy Wall Street movement is at an embryonic stage, so it is still unsure of its goals and demands. But there is a right mix of optimism and anger to create a political movement that transcends the fraudulent left-right political paradigm which has been cynically exploited by the treacherous plutocracy to trap the American people in a political prison and seize their wealth by stealth.

America is going back to its revolutionary tradition and rediscovering its lost identity. The revolutionary energy that has been slowly building in New York and elsewhere across the country is a sign that the American people want to end the two party dictatorship that has 1) systematically betrayed the vast majority of Americans, 2) destroyed the American constitution, 3) engaged in acts of high treason against America, 4) started criminal wars in the Middle East based on lies about 9/11 and WMDs, and 5) transferred America’s sovereignty to international banksters and a corporate elite that desires a new authoritarian world government in which America is financially occupied like every other nation.

Everybody is beginning to realize that we are at a historic turning point in the political history of America and Western civilization. Old political allegiances and party affiliations are breaking down as more and more people are searching for solutions that are not being offered by the elite who control all the political parties.

Eventually, there will be a massive political revolution in America and other Western countries against the tyrannical power elite that controls our governments, and it will start when the people reject the illusions of identity politics and political parties.

At a Occupy Wall Street protest in Minnesota, former Gov. Jesse Ventura voiced the need for the American people to stop voting democrat or republican and start searching for real solutions to the serious problems that their country faces in this century.

Others have said the same thing, such as Congressman Ron Paul, radio host Alex Jones, MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, Salon columnist Glenn Greenwald, Current TV host Keith Olbermann, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, Professor of Law and political activist Lawrence Lessig, and many others.

The call for change beyond left and right is being heard in America right now at the various Occupy Wall Street and Occupy The Federal Reserve protests. And the Democratic Party machinery is failing miserably at trying to hijack the growing grassroots movement and redirect its energy towards internalizing the platform of the Democrats. It is clear that this movement is challenging the power of both parties, as well as the establishment media.

The website, founded by investigative journalist David DeGraw, which helped to launch the original Occupy Wall Street protest in New York, recently published an article stating that all attempts by the Democratic party or any establishment group to infiltrate and co-opt the movement will not succeed. The article said: “We the People, We the 99%, are not the pawns of either wing of the two-party oligarchy.”

People across the left-right political spectrum are demanding the same things from Washington: an end to the epidemic of political corruption and elite immunity, an end to the illegal war on terror, criminal prosecutions against Wall St. bankers, Federal Reserve members, and politicians for stealing trillions of dollars from public funds, common sense solutions to the economic crisis, the restoration of civil liberties and free speech, and a radical decentralization of political and economic power.

The authoritarian surveillance state and the banks and corporations that are connected to it are the biggest losers in this emerging political revolution. The only way the criminal 0.1% can stop the 99.9% from retaking their rights and government is if they mass exterminate everybody and rebuild society on a global scale based on an authoritarian blueprint.

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And, in fact, the 0.1% are already on their way towards fulfilling that dark reality. Their dream of a new corporate world empire, which is based on an anti-human, anti-democratic and anti-freedom philosophy, is a very real one, not a conspiracy theory. Only a bottom-up revolution in America and the West can stop them.

Hopefully the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Federal Reserve protests will grow into a large coalition of libertarians, progressives, conservatives, liberals, and anarchists. If that happens then this movement can become an unstoppable political revolution against the criminal Western central banking parasites who have plunged our nations needlessly into debt and bondage for their own profit and power.

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