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Oct. 1, 2013

If bad “aliens” exist, than they would undoubtedly be serving Lucifer/Satan. If good “aliens” exist, than they would undoubtedly be serving God/Christ. If this scenario is true, than that would mean that we are in a three tier war at the moment. Starting in the Spiritual Realms, moving into the “alien” realm, and then trickling down into the Human realm. The opposing forces would be the same on all 3 levels. With the side which is for God being stronger and smarter and more advanced than the side which is for Satan. On the Human level this would be the case, on the “alien” level this would be the case, though it would show itself more through technology, with the “aliens” on God’s side having the more advanced technology, MUCH for advanced, than the side that is working for the Devil. In the Spiritual realms it would be the same, with the Spiritual power being greater on the side of God than those of the forces of the Devil.

If this scenario turns out to be true, than it means that we are about to witness a battle on three fronts. One, beginning on the Human Level, between good and evil Humans fighting against each other, another, taking place on the “alien” level, with good and evil “aliens” fighting against each other using their technology as their primary weapon, and yet another, which is the final and most important, which is the Spiritual battle taking place, with good Spiritual forces (Angels, etc.) doing battle against evil Spiritual forces (Angels, demons, etc.), and all three of these battles would literally be about to take place, based on the current data we have collected, and all three would be taking place at exactly the same time. With the end result being recorded in the Holy Bible.

If all of this is true than it could also mean that on the middle level, the “alien” level, that the good and bad aliens are playing chicken with each other right now, in regards to the Earth. It could mean that the bad “aliens” are holding the Earth ransom on a physical level, threatening to destroy it’s surface if the good “aliens” invade, and it would mean also that the good aliens are waiting for something to happen that the bad “aliens” have no way of countering, in order to move in for their attack. This would be logical on the middle level at the moment. It would also mean that all of this AI buildup and underground bunker stuff is because the “bad” aliens need a force on the surface to combat the good “aliens” if they move underground after attempting to destroy the surface.

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