Conservatives went on a Twitter rampage following James Comey’s interview with ABC News last night, with former White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka calling the former FBI director “a truly pathetic human being”.

During last night’s interview with George Stephanopoulos, Comey asserted that Trump was “morally unfit” to be president and that he “lies constantly”.

The backlash was immediate and ferocious, with former Trump assistant Sebastian Gorka leading the charge.

Fox News host Sean Hannity focused his anger on former Clinton operative Stephanopoulos for giving Comey a series of softball questions.

He concluded by tweeting “journalism is dead” while remarking, “that was the worst interview I have ever watched in my life.”

Others savaged Comey’s claim that he didn’t let political persuasions affect his judgment, despite reports that the former FBI director’s entire family supported Hillary Clinton and his wife cried on election day.

“Comey says he did not want to be political, yet so far every decision appears based on the assumption that he expected her to win. Why was that assumption a factor in anything?” asked Martha MacCallum.

Charlie Kirk demanded to know when Comey would be held accountable for lying under oath.

CNN law enforcement analyst James A. Gagliano said the interview only exposed Comey as being a “feckless leader”.

Others slammed Comey for being an admitted leaker.

“Comey claims the dossier didn’t “leak” because it wasn’t government information. Yet Comey’s FBI used it to obtain a wiretap on an American by saying it was prepared by a government informant and hiding its source from a federal court,” commented Sean Davis.

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said it was Comey and not Trump who should be brought up on obstruction of justice charges


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