December 26, 2013

So January has finally arrived, maybe New Year’s Eve didn’t end so well for you, and you’ve decided to take your brand-new Obamacare coverage out for a test drive.

Except – oops – maybe your new health insurer doesn’t have any record of you. Or you didn’t get the coverage you thought you were getting.

The arrival of Jan. 1 will be a big event for President Barack Obama’s health care law — the day when Americans across the country can use their new health insurance for the first time. It could be a day of badly needed success stories, if people have a smooth time and sing the praises of their new private health insurance or Medicaid coverage.

But it could also be a day of hiccups, and if there’s any reality to some of the new problems health care analysts have been warning about — like people who thought they were covered but find out they’re not, or can’t sign up in time to replace their canceled coverage — that’s when we could start hearing about them.

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