Evidence emerges that alleged shooter was motivated by ‘racial discrimination’ among media race baiting

September 17, 2013

New information on the history and motivations of Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard shooter who took the lives of 12 individuals, reveals that Alexis was fueled by what he felt was ‘racial discrimination’ during his top secret level job.

Credit: laffy4k via Flickr
Credit: laffy4k via Flickr

The news not only ties in with the fact that the mega media and establishment have created a neo race war through the race baiting of the Trayvon Martin case and others (as top rappers agree), but also the prediction that such race baiting tactics would continue to generate racially charged violence on a major scale. And we’ve already seen this time and time again, with criminals admitting that their killings were ‘for Trayvon’ and the overall war against an entire race.

In an excerpt from the exclusive Telegraph article on Alexis’ video game habits and history, we read:

“He also felt racially discriminated against, and believed he had been financially ‘screwed’ over a contracting job in Japan at the end of last year, friends said.”

In the past we have seen cases that highlight this race war propagated by the mainstream media race baiting coverage. Cases like the one in Senatobia, Miss., where three black men abducted a white man as he was jogging alongside a road and asked him “Do you know who Trayvon Martin was?” before brutally beating him. Cases like the one that unfolded on the very same day in Baltimore, Md., where a group of black youths chased a Hispanic man around a park before beating him while yelling “This is for Trayvon.”

And there are countless other cases that have been documented on a major scale. Is Aaron Alexis’ case another event that was fueled by race baiting and an artificial race war? It reminds me of the ‘meaningless’ killing of Chris Lane, where the official story was that the three killers were just ‘bored’ so they decided to end Lane’s life. After investigating, I found that the motivation was in fact a gang initiation — something that was later confirmed by the evidence.

Now what’s amazing here is that I am entirely against racism, and I am against a race war, yet just talking about the media race baiting is now ‘racist’. The fact is, however, is that it’s essential that we highlight how we are being thrown into this artificial race war on a major scale. Kit Daniels breaks it down in his article on the subject that is rather useful in digging up the roots of the subject:

“In a magnitude perhaps not seen since the Reconstruction Era, America is currently being hit with an unprecedented wave of racially-motivated violence as media pundits promote racial division rather than equality.

Using the “divide and conquer” technique as outlined in Niccolò Machiavelli’s 16th century treatise The Art of War, media “talking heads” are attempting to push Americans back into tribalism by promoting superficial racial divisions in order to distract us from the constant erosion of our rights.

This technique was used successfully by Spanish conquistadors in conquering tens of thousands of Aztecs and Incans with only a few dozen men.”

Was the Aaron Alexis Navy Yard shooting a result of the race baiting tactics of the mainstream media that prominent black icons are now speaking out against?


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