Jimmy Thundersox
November 4, 2009

I just finished watching the first episode of the re-make of the 80’s mini-series V.  My jaw was gaping in awe for the past hour and here I sit, dry mouthed and still in a state of shock over what I just saw.

Funny how art imitates life.

I think it’s important to point out a few key factors before I go any further.  I am a normal publik skooled underachiever in his late 30’s.  I saw the original series as a child and my Mother at the time explained the mini-series as an allegory as to how the Nazis rose to power, and took over German society before WW II.  I’m not an avid tv watcher in the slightest, in fact, I think the healthiest thing a person could do it throw out their tv’s; all of them.  Rots your brain and is super bad for your eyes.  But, there are times when I have to participate in America’s favorite pastime and get programed like everyone else.

To give those of you a brief recap of the premise of the show from the 80’s, Aliens arrive on Earth to “serve Humans”.  Turns out, they want to “serve Humans” with a side of hash browns and a Diet soda.  The Visitors (V Aliens) take over the planet and plunder the Earth’s natural resources while having their hands full with the Human resistance.  Pretty much standard fair as far as Alien entertainment goes.

This re-make steps it up a notch.  How you ask?  Well…

V’s first episode pretty much revealed most things Globalist, and that was just the first episode.  The Globalists are literally rubbing our noses in how they manipulate us by airing a tv show on how humans are manipulated.  It’s a big sick joke and you and I are the punch-line.  It’s fair to say I’ll be taking notes with pen in hand from here on out making a point by point list as to how what the propaganda is and how it works.  Here is the short list from the first episode in no particular order.

Reinforcement that beauty matters.

When Anna (Morena Baccarin) the Alien High Commander has her first interaction with the Human reporters, Chad Decker(Scott Wolf) asks “is there an Ugly Visitor (alien)?  She responds with a flirty quip about his boyish good looks.  Madison Avenue has worked hard to exploit the insecurities of the average person.  By using an Edward Bernayseian model, people have been successfully convinced that being good looking is one of the most important pursuits one can undertake.  The attractive Aliens know that because they are smokin’ hot, they can instill a sense of trust faster and people will be willing to ignore moral infractions as well as give the benefit of the doubt to their detriment.  Ask any stripper, they will tell you, all you have to be is crazy hawt and you get anything you want.  Before you ask, I live in Vegas, I can pretty much step outside to get the morning paper and run in to a “dancer” here.  Strippers in this City are as common as french fries to a happy meal.  The average person might point out, “yeah, but it’s the bad guys wearing attractive human meat suits, that’s how you know the creators of V are trying to tell us being pretty isn’t important”.  It doesn’t work that way.  Basic Human Psychology.  We like pretty people, even if they are mean to us regular people.  Well, that’s what I hear anyways, I really wouldn’t know being so dashingly handsome myself, in a classically rugged way.  The Globalists know that by getting us to chase after physical beauty or the latest fashion trend, we will become trapped in the surface and never grow deeper.  Not only will our understanding of what it means to be Human be harmed, but our relationships with those around us will exist on only a surface level too.

Someone else will save you.

The beginning imagery of the statue of Jesus almost crushing a handicapped man when the Aliens arrive in their Mothership ties in nicely to the message that the Aliens are our real saviors.  The Visitors even heal a crippled man. thus reinforcing the “Jesus is dead” imagery.  The Visitors quickly set up “Healing Centers” to cure Humans of 50 some aliments by way of their advanced technology.  The Priests in the show even comment about how Humans, when desperate can turn from appreciation to worship. This program is to eventually be turned into a Universal Health Care of sorts for the Humans.  Timely message if I do say so myself.  Though it would appear to be a negative spin on the Health Care debate on the surface, the Dastardly Aliens, whom we all know do not have our best interests at heart, want to help us with our Health Care issues.  How could this be propaganda?  Because it’s Aliens offering Health care, not the Government.  By presenting the hot-button issue into main stream entertainment our Propaganda filled minds begin to whirl.  “Yes.” we think, “we need Universal Health Care, just not from the evil Aliens, but from our friendly Government, after all, they love us”.  By inserting real social issues into a fictional show, within a fictional context, it’s possible to guide the viewer; who sits in an Alpha wave state, (making the viewer more susceptible to suggestion) to a predetermined solution.  Universal Health Care isn’t the issue, it’s who will provide it for us that is.  On top of this, the Aliens conveniently present themselves as a solution to many more of our problems. Peace, happiness, technological advancement; they can show us all the way to a better life if we will just let them.  Sounds like the UN’s promises to me.  The Visitors even goes so far as to tell the Humans that they don’t have antiquated, outdated States, or Nations, they have a loving advanced One World Government.  This is of course the hallmark of an advanced civilization.  By presenting a One World Government in the context as being the natural societal evolution by an advanced race it sends the message  that World Government is a foregone conclusion and just a matter of time.  More Propaganda, more social programing if I ever heard it.  V disguises World Government as “progress” to the next phase of society.

Why the world is all jacked-up.

[efoods]The human resistance mounts to the Visitors presence and in a speech given by the leader of the New York cell, it’s revealed who has been behind all the horrors of history.  Wars, market crashes, terrorism — you name it; It’s all the Visitors.  They have been on the Earth for a long time positioning themselves in key positions of power in Politics, Religion, Business and Education.  It was at this point when I exclaimed out loud, “HOLY DEMON DISCO DANCING PLATYPUS!!!!”  Replace the “Demon Disco Dancing Platypus” with any colorful four letter words of your choosing and you get the point.  V lays it all out, now just replace the Aliens with Globalists, Illumanatti or International Bankers.  You pick what you want to call them, heck, just call them, Them or They if you like, because this is what They do.  They crashed our economy and caused this recession. They have been responsible for all of the big wars of the last 100 years.  They have positioned their minions in key positions of power including Politics, Religion, Business and Education.  They are the controllers, the Elite and They really run the show.  Presidents are mid-level managers for their agenda.  In the same speech, the head of the movement tells the Humans gathered “This is the final phase of their plan, they reveal themselves to us right before They begin the extermination program”.  Ironic really.  ABC, a Globalist controlled media outlet, reveals to us all their plans in a tv show that tells us, the final step before the mass killing begins, is revealing themselves to us all.  Which revels to us that They are reveling Themselves to us in a speech about Them reveling Themselves. The John Connor-sends-his-Father-back-in-time-to-ensure-he-gets-conceived time-loop in the movie Terminator was easier to wrap my head around than this one.

How to compromise a reporter 101.

Anna requests Chad to do a one on one interview so she can spread her “happy time” message to the masses.  As it was said to Chad by one of the other Alien commanders, “Anna want’s to use you as her mouthpiece when ever she has an important message to tell in the future”.  Before the interview takes place, Anna asks Chad to “not ask any questions that would paint her in a negative light.”  Chad is shocked by this request and mutters in disbelief that she would dare ask him to compromise his journalistic integrity. (This is know we all know this show is a work of fiction, imagine a journalist having integrity.)  Anna then threatens to cancel the interview then reminds him of how good it would be for his career is he complies.  He does, what a shocker.  Welcome to how the real world works, go along with the Globalists program, advance in your career, don’t and 50 people will be tripping over you all too happy to sell out as fast as they can at half the price.

I have more, but in the interest of time, I want to get this article out now.

Watch this series, see how these messages are inserted into our entertainment and popular culture.  It’s alarming really once it becomes noticeable.  In V Humans are being invaded by a hostile culture of control freaks bent on carrying out their operations of Global domination to their ultimate endgame, mass genocide…  Funny how art imitates life.

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