Kurt Nimmo
June 16, 2009

“On the night of June 24, the media and government become one, when ABC turns its programming over to President Obama and White House officials to push government run health care,” reports Drudge.

Later this month, ABC News and Charlie Gibson will help Obama sell you health care “reform” based on rationing and denial of service.

Charlie Gibson will anchor his World News program from the Blue Room of the White House and the network plans to air a slick propaganda piece — entitled “Prescription for America” — that will originate from the East Room.

Republicans demanded equal time to present their views on so-called health care reform, but the request was rejected by ABC News. “In the absence of opposition, I am concerned this event will become a glorified infomercial to promote the Democrat agenda,” complained Ken McKay of the Republican National Committee.

Obama will take part in a “moderated” discussion with a live audience and will “answer questions from an audience made up of Americans selected by ABC News who have divergent opinions in this historic debate,” according to New Mexico Business Weekly.

Obama’s health care plan is based on rationing and denial of service. “There’s always going to be an asymmetry of information between patient and provider,” said the anointed one earlier this year. “And part of what I think government can do effectively is to be an honest broker in assessing and evaluating treatment options.”

In short, government statisticians and bureaucrats will decide who gets health care – in essence, who lives and who dies.

Obama said “there is going to have to be a very difficult democratic conversation that takes place” about who receives care. He said that “the chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives are accounting for potentially 80 percent of the total health care bill out here.”

[efoods]For the elderly, “I think that there is going to have to be a conversation that is guided by doctors, scientists, ethicists. And then there is going to have to be a very difficult democratic conversation that takes place. It is very difficult to imagine the country making those decisions just through the normal political channels.”

In other words, if Obama’s “health care” is adopted, the elderly and infirm will be left to die in the name of “cost-effectiveness” and “allocating scarce medical resources.”

Obama has dedicated billions to “bailout” the banksters at the behest of the financial elite. But when it comes to health care “reform” for the American people, his solution is to implement a Nazi-styled system that will do away with “useless eaters.”

ABC is a first tier asset of the CIA under Operation Mockingbird, so it makes sense they’ll push Obama’s eugenicist health care plan. The CIA is a creation of Frank Wisner and Wall Street, so it stands to reason the agency does the bidding of the international bankers.

Of course, this system no doubt tickles the global elite pink. After all, they are dedicated eugenicists determined to wipe out billions of people.

Later this month, ABC News and Charlie Gibson will help them sell you your own demise.

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