ABC News
October 8, 2009

[efoods]When ABC News needed some samples of the same hair care products purchased by accused al Qaeda terror plotter Najibullah Zazi, I was dispatched in a taxi to a beauty supply store in New Jersey. My uneventful assignment would lead to a brush with FBI bomb squad agents and reveal just how broadly the authorities have cast their counter-terrorism net.

Zazi is accused of purchasing the hair products because they contain the chemicals necessary for the homemade bomb recipe the FBI says it found in his computer. At the time of his arrest, officials were convinced Zazi was prepared to set off bombs in several crowded areas throughout the United States. Government prosecutors believed he was “creating weapons of mass destruction.”

We wanted to show the actual products on a report being filed by ABC News correspondent Brian Ross, so I set out to North Bergen, NJ to visit Sally Beauty Supply and Lowes Home Improvement stores.

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