A pro-abortion group is attacking a Doritos Super Bowl ad for humanizing an unborn baby.

In the ad, a pregnant woman is getting an ultrasound while her man beside her realizes the unborn baby will move in the direction of the Doritos he’s snacking on.

The baby attempts in vain to reach the chips he’s eating from the womb until the mother throws the Doritos across the room, which prompts the child to launch itself outside mom and towards the chips.

In response, the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League said the ad used an “anti-choice tactic of humanizing fetuses.”

The tweet underscores how NARAL and similar groups dehumanize the unborn in a vain attempt to justify abortions, especially in the aftermath of the Planned Parenthood sting videos exposing its officials admitting they sell aborted baby organs for profit.

NARAL, however, didn’t stop there. The group also called out a Snickers ad for being “transphobic” and a Hyundai ad for showing a dad “take away his daughter’s autonomy.”

This is all part of the “political correctness” campaign spearheaded by the authoritarian left to control not only free speech, but also how people think.

“P.C. is a war on our personal relationships and personal conversations,” former intelligence analyst Stella Morabito pointed out. “Getting your business, school, or church in line with a politically correct agenda item is just the beginning for agents of propaganda compliance.”

“In fact, control of the media, popular culture, and all of society’s institutions will never ever be enough for the central planners who push PC; control of personal relationships is their endgame.”

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