Britain’s government handed out $347 million in foreign aid to a global warming fund without tracking where the money actually went.

The United Kingdom gave taxpayer funds to the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF), but when The Times asked how the cash was spent, the government said it “does not hold the information relevant to your request” and instructed interested parties to visit the SCF’s website.

SCF’s website doesn’t say how the money was spent, and lists projects it funds without stating where it received the cash.

Many of SCF’s projects are located in countries like Haiti, Yemen and Cambodia, which have long histories of government corruption. Britain’s National Audit Office previously expressed concerns the government’s donations to SCF aren’t being well spent or may be flowing into the pockets of corrupt governments. Britain is SCF’s biggest single donor, providing $3 billion of its $8 billion budget.

SCF’s mission is to help developing countries “integrate climate risk and resilience into core development planning,” invest in green technologies and prevent deforestation.

The U.S. government created SCF in 2008 to slow down global warming, but the the U.S. has threatened to stop giving it any cash to it due to corruption concerns. The U.S. Department of the Treasury only donated $49.9 million to the Fund in 2015.

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