Ga. governor candidate Stacey Abrams equated banning guns to banning radar detectors.

“I support a law that will ban ‘assault weapons,’” the Democrat stated on CNN. “And just as when we banned radar detection, for example, some people turned in their devices, some people kept them and just refused to use them anymore.”

But she suggested her gun control policies would be stricter than a radar detector ban.

“Weapons are more dangerous, they are more vulnerable to misuse, and I do think in the state of Georgia we are going to have to figure out how we do this,” she continued.

However, the Democratic candidate, who previously co-sponsored a gun ban bill in Georgia’s House, stopped short of explaining how exactly her confiscation program would be enforced.

Her comments follow her statement on Sunday in which she said her gun control proposals may force some Georgians to “turn their guns in.”

“AR-15s are not necessary on our streets; semiautomatic weapons have to be put under a certain level of responsible control,” she said in another interview on Sunday.

The most popular ‘concealed carry’ handguns on the market today are all semi-automatics.

The bill she co-sponsored in 2016, HB 731, would have required Georgians to surrender a vast variety of firearms.

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