Kurt Nimmo
February 10, 2008

Once again, I am obliged to mention George Orwell and his novel, 1984. In the novel, Orwell describes the Youth League and the Spies, children in cahoots with the state who turn in their neighbors for all manner of imagined crimes. Winston Smith, Orwell’s protagonist, is called a “Eurasian” traitor and thought criminal by these heavily indoctrinated children, who would on the drop of a dime turn in their own parents to the thought police for the crime of unorthodoxy or nonconformity. In 1984, fear is rule of the day, as Big Brother is continually watching, not only through the eyes of children and omnipresent telescreens but through the acquiescence and sheepish compliance of the populace at large.

It would seem the Michigan State Police have taken a chapter from Orwell’s book. As the video above reveals, the cops in Michigan are encouraging citizens to snoop on all who “don’t belong” and who might engage in “suspicious behavior.” In the video, we are presented with a white homegrown terrorist in sunglasses and parka hood who wants to blow up a bridge with a backpack. Thanks to the diligence of ever watchful citizens, this fictional character, essentially a cartoon, is prevented from carrying out his attack and is arrested by the police.

Of course, as should be obvious by now, there are no homegrown terrorists inspired by al-Qaeda. In fact, the only putative terrorists about are created by the FBI, as the absurd case against a gang of impoverished black kids in Miami revealed well enough. And then there was the FBI contrived plot to blow up pipelines at Kennedy Airport in New York, and the one at Fort Dix, where “CWs,” short for “cooperating witnesses,” or rather federal informants, a euphemism for agents provocateurs, framed Muslims who worked for a pizzeria.

The Michigan State Police “educational” video is but another spin on the effort to convert neighborhood watch groups into antiterrorist informant cells. “I envision 100 million Americans looking for indicators of terrorism and promptly reporting it to a central database where it would get analyzed,” Mike Licata, a high school teacher and retired Air Force office who created CAT Eyes, told Carl Takei of the Boston Globe in 2003. “If Licata comes even close to his stated goal of 100 million informers, CAT Eyes would dwarf the citizen informer programs of the most repressive totalitarian states, making them appear amateurish by comparison.”

One third of the population snooping and informing on the other two thirds? Not even East Germany’s notorious Stasi had such ambitions, as only about one of every 50 East Germans collaborated with the Stasi, at the time in the 1980s one of the most extensive police infiltrations of a society in history. In America, naturally, we do things bigger and better.

Well before September 11, 2001 — on December 4, 1981, to be exact — Presidential Executive Order 12333 was signed by Ronald Reagan. It allowed the FBI, the military, and the CIA to infiltrate and “influence” domestic political groups and organizations, in other words it provided a legal green light for what was previously illegal under COINTELPRO, the program to subvert the constitutional rights of Americans.

“The CIA’s expanded role is especially ominous,” writes Brian Glick. “In the 60s, while legally banned from ‘internal security functions,’ the CIA managed to infiltrate the Black, student and antiwar movements. It also made secret use of university professors, journalists, labor leaders, publishing houses, cultural organizations and philanthropic fronts to mold US public opinion. But it apparently felt compelled to hold back — within the country — from the kinds of systematic political destabilization, torture, and murder which have become the hallmark of its operations abroad. Now, the full force of the CIA has been unleashed at home.”

As the Associated Press noted in October, 2002, the CIA “is increasing its presence at FBI field offices by assigning intelligence officers to domestic anti-terrorism teams,” a clear violation of its “legislative” charter, not that charters are of significance, as everything changed on September 11, 2001, at least according to our rulers and their minions. Of course, everything changed well before that date, as even a cursory glance at the CIA’s “family jewels” reveals.

As the above mentioned cases indicate, the FBI — with the assistance of the CIA, now ensconced in FBI field offices — is in the business of creating terrorism or the false impression of terrorism, never mind how fallacious or even absurd the examples are. All of this ridiculous hoopla, dutifully covered by the corporate media, itself long ago penetrated and co-opted by the CIA under Operation Mockingbird, results in the impression we are under siege, lately by al-Qaeda inspired blond haired and blue eyed terrorists with European surnames.

Thus it should not come as a surprise the Michigan State Police is in the “public relations” business of indoctrinating us against the fictional threat. As there are no al-Qaeda sleeper cells about, short of a handful of demented individuals posting on internet forums, it stands to reason there is no shortage of people ready to snoop, tattle and go after their neighbors for “suspicious behavior,” for instance insisting that the attacks of September 11 were an inside job.

In America, circa 2008, supporters of non-sanctioned political candidates fall victim to having their car tires slashed and are molested at political rallies for the crime of not enthusiastically supporting candidates selected by our rulers. In order to underscore the danger present, corporate media hacks such as Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, reading from their Mockingbird scripts, warn of danger and violence to come, equating such people with homegrown terrorists and potentially violent lunatics.

Finally, it should be noted that the Michigan State Police’s “Seven Signs of Terrorism” video was “originally sent out to police and then to students. But, the response by community groups that have seen the tape has been so good, authorities are trying to free up some homeland security money to distribute it to even more people,” WZZM 13 reported in January, 2005. In short, the Ministry of Homeland Security pays to inculcate the masses in the bogus notion that white guys in parka hoods with bomb-stuffed backpacks are on the loose, ready at the drop of a hat to blow up bridges and presumably kindergarten classrooms.

It is all nonsense, but nonsense bought by millions of people who have spent the last few years supping up an unending stream of ludicrous propaganda, never mind the complete and glaring absence of any terrorist threat, from the CIA’s own bastard creation al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organization.

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