The coronavirus pandemic has created a “gendered crisis” that’s disproportionately affecting more women than men, according to Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson.

Wilson, a far-left Florida congresswoman, tweeted the absurd claim on Tuesday, and was quickly ratioed over the remark.

“In so many ways, the #COVID19 pandemic is a gendered crisis. We’re disproportionately on the frontlines as healthcare workers, food service workers, grocery,” Wilson tweeted.

Her ridiculous take was widely ridiculed on social media.

The coronavirus has so far killed more men than women, and in some countries, more men are inflicted with the virus than women.

In Italy for example, men comprise 70% of coronavirus fatalities and 60% of those diagnosed with the coronavirus, according to a study from the country.

And in South Korea, though women make up 61% of those infected, 54% of the fatalities are men.

Despite efforts by the Trump administration to unite the country behind defeating the Wuhan virus, Democrats are determined to insert identity politics and “woke” political correctness into any conversation about the pandemic.

The rotting corpses handling the levers of power in the District of Criminals are still diverting their own hoax nonsense.

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