Austin Police Department boss Art Acevedo wants to “vet” what he described as “gun enthusiasts” who may hold anti-government opinions.

His remarks follow a rampage by Larry Steve McQuilliams in Austin, Texas, on Thanksgiving. McQuilliams shot up the Mexican consulate and the Austin Police Department headquarters. He was killed by police.

Police said they discovered a map in the vehicle McQuilliams was driving that indicated 34 targets.

Acevedo urged citizens to contact the police if they know individuals that are angry and possess AK-47s, the kind of weapon McQuilliams allegedly used.

Austin police have characterized McQuilliams as a “lone wolf extremist“ who belonged to “an ultra-conservative Christ­ian movement that, when we really dig into cursory reviews, are anti-biracial families, anti-Semitic, and anti-gay,” according to Acevedo.

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