Hate Speech
Greg Reese

Vikings & Bikers Sound Off on Mainstream Media
Anthony Castelluci

Fake News : America’s Public Enemy #1
Alternate Healthier Choices channel
Curt Frantz

Leave the Kids Alone
Kevin Burke

Infowars and Sean Snow, Melt the Snowflakes!
Sean Powell

Immigration policy/Chris Pratt Praise God!
MrRepublicRising channel
Robert Manley

Anti NFL Rant Blasts Kaepernick and Goodell – INFOWARS 2018 Reporter Contest
Regan C. Balman

5G-first stage of the Tecnokalypse- Infowars Reporter Contest
Max Plageus channel
Matthew J Logan

QUIT THE WHIP ~ Daily Brexit for
Daily Brexit Facebook page
Olly Connelly host

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