CNN’s star reporter Jim Acosta complained that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was ignoring the fake news network as she wrapped up a press briefing on Monday.

“Sarah, this is the third briefing that you’ve not taken a question from CNN,” Acosta called out. He then bleated something about the Justice Department.

Sanders simply stepped from the podium and left the room before he could pontificate.

In a somewhat related note, CNN has suffered substantial ratings declines, according to Neilsen ratings.

“CNN had significant declines in February, with ratings dropping 19% in total day and 16% in prime, where the network returned an average audience of 979,000 total viewers–behind MSNBC (1.805 million) and Fox News (2.766 million),” reported Forbes last month.

Considering CNN’s collapsing ratings due to its constant anti-Trump and anti-American rhetoric and disinformation, the fake news network appears to be rapidly fading into irrelevancy.

Sanders looks to have picked up on that.

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