During an interview with ABC News released on Thursday, Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence stated that rhetoric like saying that ICE runs concentration camps or puts kids in cages, “results in people who may not be of sound mind” engaging in attacks on ICE facilities.

Albence said, “[W]hen you have people going out there, knowing full well that we don’t run concentration camps, that ICE doesn’t put kids in cages, that we’re not Nazis, enforcing a law and an order signed by a federal judge, it’s…that kind of rhetoric that results in people who may not be of sound mind doing things like shooting bullets into an ICE facility in San Antonio, Texas, almost hitting one of my agents, or trying to blow up a detention facility and hurt the individuals that are there working in those facilities, as well as the detainees that are contained therein.”

Alex Jones calls out President Trump for his treatment of top whistleblower Julian Assange.

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