I’m not a moralist when it comes to simulated violence—it doesn’t bother me.

Also, the action doesn’t need to be “realistic” for me to enjoy it. It really depends on the context. There’s bad “realistic” action (Gangs of New York) and there’s good “stylized” violence (countless Kung Fu movies).

That being said, the action in movies these days leaves me either numb or cold. Maybe it’s just my old age. Or maybe the cucks in the entertainment business have lost their edge. I’m leaning towards the latter.

I mean no offense to the craftsmen and artisans who work in the entertainment fields: The stuntmen, stunt-car drivers, weapons specialists, physical effects artists (pyrotechnics and prosthetics), horse wranglers, set-builders, military advisors, et cetera. They do a great job, putting in tireless hours, some even risking their lives, for our entertainment. Problem is, they are being used less and less.

These men are slowly being supplemented and replaced by computer technicians who spend tireless hours at their work stations in a sterilized office environment to create sterilized action, a majority of the time being directed by a man who probably prides himself on being called a feminist (Joss Whedon). The result is action that might appear to be on a grand scale, definitely flashy, sometimes confusing, but also barren and lifeless. A lot of this is due to economics of the business and bad storytelling but it is also due to the character of the boys leading the productions.

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