Illegal immigration activist Enrique Morones told Tucker Carlson on Monday illegal immigration is the “price” the US is paying for the bad things it’s done in Mexico and Central America.

“US policy is what drives a lot of these people out [of Mexico and Central America],” Morones, the founder of activist group Border Angels, said. “The intervention in Central America, the demand [for] drugs by the American public, the intervention in the Middle East by President Bush — those things cause people to leave.”

“There’s a consequence to those actions,” he said. “If you’re going to get involved in other people’s policies, you gotta pay the price.”

Ann Coulter reacted to the interview on Twitter saying Morones admitted “that illegal immigration is a way of punishing America for the bad things it’s done.”

Coulter is absolutely right.

Border Angels founder Enrique Morones recognizes the American people do not want illegal immigrants flooding into our country, but he views it as divine retribution for our supposed sins.

Donald Trump needs to start construction on the wall immediately.

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